Sunday, July 24, 2022

California UnConstitutional Gun Control Laws

California is headed for the Supreme Court as the legislature just enacted a law signed by Governor Gavin Gruesome that would allow anyone in California to sue gun manufacturers, or presumably legal gun dealers for selling various guns that may have been used in a crime.  This new law is really designed to stop all gun sales in California by making litigation liability untenable.  Modeled after the abortion law in Texas, which allows citizens to sue abortion providers for illegally providing abortions with the potential for getting an award up to $10,000 per incident, this new California law does the same thing only applied to guns.  It is could result in millions of lawsuits probably paid for by the state.  

However, while the courts ruled the Texas law Constitutional, the difference is that abortion is no longer guaranteed by the Constitution after the recent Supreme Court ruling.  There is a little thing called the Second Amendment in the Constitution that guarantees the right to bear arms.  It is clear that Gruesome Newsom is running for President because he knows that feckless Joe Biden is a goner.  Gruesome Newsom is implementing publicity stunts to impress radical Socialist Fascists to get to the head of the pack when Biden goes down in flames after the Midterm elections.  But this new law will Never withstand court challenges.  

Ironically, people in California need guns now more than ever to protect themselves because crime is rampant.  Criminals accused of felonies are freed in many California jurisdictions without bail to roam the streets.  There are probably two million illegal aliens in California some percentage of whom are serious criminals beyond just entering our country illegally.   All the big cities in California have homeless people many of whom are addicted to drugs living on the streets.   The streets of the Golden State are often soiled with feces and needles.  

The poverty rate in California is the highest in the nation.  Many public schools are lousy.  There is gridlock on California freeways.  So Gruesome Newsom must do something to distract from his dismal record.  Expect more publicity stunts in the months ahead.  Just means Gruesome Newsom is out to displace Joe Biden in 2024 as the Socialist Fascist nominee for President.  Gruesome comes for La La Land so we can expect lots of silly stunts.  

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