Thursday, July 21, 2022

Poor Joe - Big Pharma Scam

As though Joe Biden's mental issues are not bad enough, the poor guy now has Covid.  Biden like so many Americans has been vaccinated and double boosted and still he contracted Covid.  So now, Dr. Flip Flop Fauci tells us that the Covid Vaccine was never really intended to prevent Covid; but rather to make it less lethal if someone gets the virus.  Really??   We were told we all needed to get vaccinated to prevent the spread of Covid.  Taxpayers paid Big Pharma billions of dollars to develop the Covid vaccine in "record time".  Many said it was impossible to develop a vaccine in just nine months and guess what, they were right.  Project Warp Speed was a Big Pharma Scam.  We want our money back.  

Most important, for the first time in American history, the federal government declared an emergency and shut down the entire economy.  And, while big corporations did just fine anyway, it is estimated that 25,000 mostly family owned small businesses were forced into bankruptcy.  They are permanently gone.  We can NEVER allow that to happen again no matter what the "emergency" that was used as an excuse for big government to take control of our lives. 

The reality is that a lot more time and money should have been invested in therapeutics to actually treat Covid presumably to prevent the need for hospital admission and deaths.  Never have so many brainiacs been so wrong on so many issues.  They prevented use of the malaria pill with the ZPack antibiotic treatment, combined with Zinc, Vitamin D and Curcumin, which apparently worked in many countries to treat Covid because that remedy was cheap.  It would have cost Big Pharma billions of dollars.  Doctors that prescribed this simple remedy were called quacks even though it worked.  

There were lots of lessons learned from this Covid Story. One for sure is that we can't always trust the brainiacs in big government feeding at the trough.  Big Pharma sold us a bill of goods.  The vaccine clearly was not ready for prime time.  So, Poor Feckless Joe Biden has Covid.  Let's just hope that the virus does not make his dementia even worse if he does recover.  Apparently, while taking the drug to treat Covid, they had to take him off his other Meds.  Better not let Biden anywhere near the nuclear football.  Biden is not in his right mind on a good day let alone if he is drugged up.    

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