Saturday, July 2, 2022

50th Anniversary Of Title IX

Fifty years ago, Congress enacted Title IX primarily to guarantee women protections from the  discrimination that was happening in education though it protects men as well.  Men and women are protected from sexual discrimination.  Before Title IX education institutions often did not fund sports teams for girls equally, or at all.  Boys took shop class.  Girls took Home Economics.  The two did not mix.  That has all changed under Title IX.  

Since Title IX, we now have competitive sports for girls both in lower grades and in colleges and universities, which often result in scholarships.   When Title IX was enacted there were only biological women and biological men recognized by the law regardless of sexual orientation.  Imposition of the radical LGBTQIA ideology has turned Title IX upside down.  So that today, we have biological men competing in women's sports claiming that they are transgender or women, however with a man's body.  The extra body mass is allowing these "women" to beat biological women denying them scholarship opportunities.

Next, transgender men are being allowed into girl's bathrooms and locker rooms even though they are still biological men.  These cases are going to court as biological women are suing legitimately to protect their rights.  Where are the women's groups most of which are Socialist Fascists speaking up for them.  Where is the Socialist Fascist Party and their leadership that often speaks of protecting women's rights.  They are  silent because it is not woke to deny the LGBTQIA community their rights. 

Here is the deal as feckless Joe Biden would say.  Biological men regardless of their sexual orientation should not be competing in girl's or women's competitive sports because it is not fair.  Biological men again regardless of their sexual orientation should not be using girl's or women's bathrooms and locker room unless they no longer have male body parts and have had a sex change operation.  Socialist Fascists are always talking about "privacy rights" in reference to the abortion issue.  How does this situation not involve women's privacy rights.  It is time for common sense on all of this.  

Transgender men should compete against other transgender men.  Well dah! Women's rights must be protected under Title IX.  This one is headed to the Supreme Court where hopefully the Conservative majority will impose a common sense solution.  

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