Saturday, July 23, 2022

President Trump Will Run For President - Maybe

There is no doubt that President Trump is planning to run for President to serve out his second term.  However, Trump will not make a final decision until after the Midterm elections.  If Republicans win back the House of Representatives by a sizable a majority, it will be a Go.  It would be even better if Republicans also win back the Senate; but since Impeachment proceedings must begin in the House, at least Trump will be assured that there is not likely to be another Impeachment trial as long enough America First/MAGA Republicans are in control.  Of course, if the Socialist Fascists still control the Senate full of Trump Haters, endless investigations will continue; but they will just be an irritant in the Fake News.  

If Trump does decide to run, he will announce right after the Midterm elections to clear out the field of potential primary challengers.  The 757,  Trump One, has been refurbished and is ready to go.  Any RINO thinking about running will run for the hills.  The only real challenge of any merit would be Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.  Trump will promise him the Vice Presidency to stop his candidacy.  The base of the Republican Party will welcome DeSantis as Vice President to set him up to run for President in 2008, since Trump will not be able to run again.  This is also protection against any health issues that Trump might face in the next four years. 

One thing is for sure, Trump will not appoint typical Establishment Republicans in his next administration because they can't be trusted.  Trump will only appoint America First/MAGA loyalists that must accept that the election in 2020 was stolen from him.  That means no Pence, no Christie, no Sass, no Barr and many others that have proven worthless in the fight against Socialist Fascists.   2022 will be the telling tale.  Trump certainly is geared up and ready to go.  The base of the Republican Party is just waiting for the announcement.  Trump Haters need not apply.  

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