Friday, July 8, 2022

Joe Biden - Owned By The Chinese Communist Party

Everybody knows that the Biden Crime Family took millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party in business dealings with Joe Biden's son Hunter to buy influence.  And, now the story gets even worse.  Joe Biden sold 950,000 barrels of oil from our Strategic Reserve to oil trading company Sinopec, owned by the Chinese Communist Party.  First, at a time when the price of gasoline is reaching $6 a gallon all over the country and even higher, Biden should not be selling oil from the Strategic Reserve to any foreign country let alone China.  

Joe Biden claims that he knew nothing of Hunter Biden's business dealings when Hunter flew over to China on Air Force II during one of Joe Biden's trips to China.  And, now we hear recordings that make Joe Biden a liar, which of course is nothing new.  Joe Biden was the "big guy" getting 10% of Hunter's crooked deals.  Joe Biden is owned lock stock and barrel by the Chinese Communist Party, which is why Biden is now considering lifting tariffs that President Trump put in place against China to save American Jobs.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  

After the Red Wave that is coming in November, while there are many reasons why Socialist Fascists will want Biden gone sooner than later, this corruption will bubble up the point that even Fake News will call for Joe Biden's resignation.  This train is coming right at Joe Biden.  Poor demented fool, he may not see the train coming that is going to run him over and out of the Presidency.  There would be many grounds to impeach Joe Biden if he does not resign; but this corruption may force a resignation in 2023.  

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