Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Latinos Are Not Tacos

First Lady Jill Biden recently referred to the diversity of Latinos as like breakfast tacos.  First of all, while breakfast tacos invented in Austin, Texas are common in TexMex food, most Latinos do not eat tacos for breakfast.  That is more of a lunch or dinner meal.  Some of them would be more likely to eat burritos, or like other Americans bacon and eggs if they can afford the bacon, these days.  Dr. Jill had to apologize for her stupid remark.  She was just a rich Karen White woman trying to relate to Latinos.  The First Lady should never attempt to speak Spanish either because she mispronounces the words.  It is actually laughable.    

Latinos come in all stripes and political persuasions.  More and more, they are trending Republican because many are Catholic opposed to abortion and all the other Socialist Fascist anti traditional family positions.  Latinos want law an order just like everybody else.  They certainly want great schools for their kids, which is why many now support School Choice to get their kids out of failing public schools.  And, most Latinos do not support open borders and the invasion of illegal aliens happening at our border because they know it will bring down wages in the US.  

Finally, there is no such thing as LatinX.  The plural word Latinos actually refers collectively to men and women who are some version of Hispanic.  A male could be referred to as a Latino and a woman as a Latina.  Putting an X at the end of the word Latin to appease the LGBTQIA community just does not compute in Spanish.  It is estupido. 

Hispanics are very diverse.  Cubans have a different culture than Mexicans and the same is true related to Latinos from Central or South America.   While most are Catholic many are now Evangelical Christians.  Hispanics, which would include people from Spain do not necessarily eat the same foods.  Most speak a Spanish dialect with different accent or intonations that are often only apparent to native Spanish speakers that can tell the difference.  Cervantes from Spain is their Shakespeare.  Music among Hispanics can vary widely.  The mariachis of Mexico are not as prevalent in Cuba or Spain.  In other words, Hispanics are not a homogenous group of people.  There can be very great differences between numerous Hispanic groups.  The stereotypes just don't work.   And referring to Hispanics as breakfast tacos was very insulting.  

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