Friday, July 29, 2022

China Owns Joe Biden

As a result of all the Biden Crime family bribes taken from China, it is clear that China owns Joe Biden.  Shortly, Biden will remove tariffs imposed on China by President Trump to bring more of their goods into the United States, which will kill American jobs.  But it is even worse.  Fancy Nancy Pelosi, the Socialist Fascist Speaker of the House announced that she is going to Taiwan.  This will be the first time a high ranking American government official has gone to Taiwan, since Newt Gingrich went there when he was Speaker of the House in the 90's.

The Chinese Communist government has announced that if Pelosi's US government plane, which Biden has yet to provide, is accompanied by US fighter jets over Taiwan, they could in fact shoot down Pelosi's plane.  It is unimaginable that the Chinese government would be so stupid as to shoot down the person who is third in line to be President of the United States.  This is game of chicken.

Fancy Nancy has announced that she is going so now she must go.  However, the timing could not be worse because in the next 6 weeks, the Chinese will be holding their 5 year Congress to reelect their dictator.  Wouldn't it be great if our Congress only met once every five years.  Oh well, there is always wishing and hoping.  In any case, this is about saving face.  If Fancy Nancy does go to China, the Chinese government will have to do something dramatic in response.  Just maybe once Fancy Nancy lands in Taiwan, they won't let her take off to come home.  Again, there is always wishing and hoping. 

All of this is just another indication that our enemies do not fear feckless Joe Biden, particularly after Biden shamefully pulled out of Afghanistan with the fiasco and American deaths that followed.   This is very dangerous because it could cause our enemies to miscalculate and do something stupid.  World War I began because of the assignation of an Archduke, which was the triggering event that led to the World War.   The Chinese are smarter; but if Fancy Nancy does go to Taiwan, there is likely to be a dramatic response while Biden is asleep in Delaware.  Then what?  

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