Tuesday, July 19, 2022

China Is At War With The United States For World Dominance

China plays the long game.  They have learned from their history and are determined that they will never allow other nations to control their country again.  When President Nixon went to China in 1972 to open up their country to foreign trade, we assumed it would benefit the West.  And for many years, we were able to buy cheap goods that ultimately made China rich.   However, in the process Western Global companies moved jobs and production to China to escape higher cost of doing business, high taxes and burdensome regulations in the West.  The Chinese Communist allowed Western and Asian companies into their country, but only if proprietary technology was turned over to them. 

The end result is that many industries now cannot compete with Chinese companies producing the very same products.  80% of the drugs we consume in the United States are now made in China.  GM has more employees in China than in the US.  The Green New Deal is a great opportunity for China since most of the solar panels, wind turbines and batteries are now made in China.  And, China has not agreed to curtail their carbon emissions.  They are still building coal fired electric plants.  The United States could and should be entirely energy independent, but the Socialist Fascists in our country and their radical environmental supporters would rather see us brought to our knees than be energy independent.  It is ridiculous and very close to treasonous.  

China will soon have the largest military in the world built with our money.  American politicians of both parties except for President Trump have failed to understand the threat that China poses to our national security.  They and their big corporate supporters have sold out the American people as 70,000 factories were closed in the United States and 5 million jobs were shipped to China and other countries destroying little mill towns all over the United States.  

And, now rather than killing our people with guns, which may come later, China is making billions of dollars smuggling fentanyl and other drugs into our country through Mexico.  About 100,000 of our people die every year from drug overdoses.  To put this in perspective, we lost 58,000 Americans fighting the Vietnam War over many years.  China is killing our people without firing a shot.  We allow it to happen by not securing our border and destroying the cartels in Mexico.  

China is at war with the United States for world dominance.  If we don't get smart and pretty quick, they will win this war. They are fighting us on many fronts; political, economic and military.  We must bring back critical industries to the United States by incentive and tariffs on goods made in China.  We cannot be dependent on China for anything that matters.  And, we must become energy independent again.  Forget about climate change.  We need to make all our energy sources in the United States safer, cleaner and cheaper to win the war with China.  Sadly, Socialist Fascists in the United States are the best thing that ever happened to China.  The Biden Crime Family continues to sell out the American people to enrich their family.  Joe Biden is the Manchurian candidate working for China not the United States.  

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