Saturday, July 30, 2022

Climate Fanatics Are Destroying The United States

In my lifetime, we have been told that there would be a new ice age by the year 2,000.  Now we are being told that Climate Change from global warming is an "existential threat" to the world.  Supposedly, the oceans will rise a few inches in the next 20 years and life as we know it will end.  I see four "existential threats" to life as we know it far more significant than Climate Change.  

The first is the potential for nuclear war that seems to be closer to happening by the day.  If we ever do have a nuclear war, it will cause total devastation and make much if the earth uninhabitable for perhaps hundreds of years.  The second "existential threat" is the potential for viruses or bacteria with little or no means of defense.  Indigenous peoples in the Americas were often wiped out by diseases brought by Europeans for which they had no immune system defense.  There are now bacteria and viruses that a resistant to known antibiotics.  We have seen what happened with the Spanish Flu, Ebola, Covid, Aides and other pathogens that could kill millions of people.  

The third "existential threat" to our well being are Socialist Fascists out to destroy our country from within.  They hate freedom.  They hate traditional families and faith.  They hate our Constitution. They hate all the things that made America the greatest country in human history.  The big lie is Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revision fake history and LGBTQIA indoctrination happening in many of our schools, the Military, and the Deep State, which includes Government, Fake News and the largest companies in the United States.  

Finally, the fourth "existential threat" to our nation are Climate Fanatics that are out to destroy our country.  These people argue that carbon energy is the reason for climate change.  The only problem with that argument is that there has been climate change throughout the history of the world and long before there was carbon energy.   If there is climate change, it is the result of climatic cycles that have been happening from hot to cold for thousands of years.  This is nothing new.

The United States could and should be completely energy independent.  We need to make all energy sources cleaner, safer and cheaper to maintain a high standard of living for our people and the world.  Natural gas and nuclear power in particular are the bridge to the future until Green Energy if it ever is feasible can power a modern, industrial economy.  That is not the case today.  And, these are the same people that prevent forest management, which is the reason we have horrible forest fires every summer.  Climate Fanatics in the Socialist Fascist Party are out to destroy our country.  We can't let that happen.  

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