Sunday, July 31, 2022

Social Emotional Learning - Harmful To Children

Thirty six states have enacted laws prohibiting Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and radical LGBTQIA indoctrination in public schools.  Woke Socialist Fascist School Board members and Superintentendents owned by teacher unions in many cases are ignoring those laws and just rebranding this radical left wing ideology as Social Justice curriculum, or Social Emotional Learning.  And, why not.  Left wing teacher unions that should be focused on working conditions and compensation and benefits are an arm of the Socialist Fascist Party pushing all their radical schemes to destroy America.  

Parents who care about their children and other concerned citizens must stand up and say Hell No at school board meetings even if we are targeted as "domestic terrorists" by the FBI and Socialist Fascist Lackey Attorney General Merrick Garland.  Parents must form Truth Committees to review teaching materials to make sure that this crap is not happening in classrooms.  And, if woke school boards will not form committees to focus on Quality Education and academic achievement,  then parent's groups must do it themselves to make demands on school board members.  Most of them are owned by teacher unions so they will not reform public education because those reforms would be opposed by their teacher union masters that want to keep children trapped on the plantation to keep the gravy train rolling.  

Clearly, we must push state legislatures to enact School Choice so that all parents, not just the rich can pull their kids out of failing public schools that are indoctrinating children rather than educating them.  What is happening in our public and even some private schools is nothing short of child abuse and criminal malpractice.  Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level.  And, inner city kids are way below grade level.  Rather than focus on quality education and academic achievement, the Socialist Fascists running many of our public schools are focused on indoctrination to turn children into left wing Socialists and Communists.  It has to stop.  Or, the money has to stop.  Half the country is not buying what they are selling.  These woke school board members, administrators and teachers just don't get it, or maybe they do get it and just don't care.  

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