Monday, July 11, 2022

Iran On The Verge of Nuclear Weapons

US talks with Iran to stop their ability to obtain nuclear weapons have broken down.  As feckless Joe Biden embarks on a trip to the Middle East, which will include stops in Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran is on the verge of having nuclear weapons.  Neither Israel nor other Sunni Arab countries are going to allow that to happen.  My guess is they are discussing cooperation to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons no matter what the United States does to intervene.  The adage of the enemy of my enemy is my friend will apply.  And, though Sunni Arab states have not always been very friendly with Israel, after the Trump Abraham Accords, things have changed dramatically.  

The whole region recognizes that Iran, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism is the problem and a danger to all of them.   Since it appears that Iran is just weeks away from potentially having nuclear weapons and the missile systems to deliver them, Israel with the help of Arab allies will act.   After all, Iran constantly says it wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map.  Of course, in doing so, they would be killing Palestinian Arabs too; but they are Sunni Arabs, not Shia Persians so maybe they just don't care.   

The real question is what will Joe Biden do when the bombs start dropping one way or another on Iran or Israel.  Everybody knows that Israel has nuclear weapons and would use them to preserve their country.  Biden can't be neutral in this struggle since our allies are both Israel and Sunni Arab countries.  Joe Biden would have to act both to protect American interests and bases in the area and our allies.  And, then there is Russia and China that might side with Iran, since they do a lot of business with Iran.  This could turn very ugly real fast.  

If Donald Trump was still in office, these things would not be happening.  Trump's tactics would have forced the Iranians to cease and desist.  Obviously, Iran does not fear Joe Biden, which is dangerous to world peace.  The United States needs to get ahead of this with our allies in NATO.  All must be prepared to act forcefully if things spiral out of control.  We could be facing a major, but short war in the Middle East and beyond with lots of carnage to go around.    

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