Sunday, July 17, 2022

Competing With China's Military Build-Up - Time To Wake Up

The United States Congress will soon enact an $850 Billion Defense bill for 2023 and yet we can't seem to secure our border; but that is another story.  For every $20 dollars the US spends on Defense, China spends $1 dollar because their cost of labor and materials are so much less.  And, America has a huge military industrial complex feeding at the trough.  China will soon do to the United States, what we did to the Soviet Union.  President Ronald Reagan knew that the Soviet Union was bankrupt and could not outspend the United States on Defense so he ramped up our Defense spending. 

China is already five years ahead of the United States in hypersonic missiles, the kind we have no way to stop.  We are playing catch up; but as of now, our country is in grave danger.  In the next ten years, China will have the largest military in the world, with a blue water navy and bases all over the world.  For the United States to compete and more important not be vulnerable to military threats and blackmail, we will have to spend a lot more than we are spending now.   That will mean far less money for things like entitlements, education, Social Security and Medicare.  But what choice does the United States have.  

One thing we could do is absolutely demand that our allies all of them ramp up their military spending dramatically.  Japan, Australia, India, South Korea and the European Union must double their current spending on the military.  The fact is that the United States can no longer defend these nations.  Japan and Germany in particular must become nuclear nations to counter both China and Russia.  

The only way the United States can compete with China is through combined effort with our allies; but it will mean going Trump on them to get them to increase Defense spending at the expense of their Cradle to Grave Entitlements.  Of course, feckless Joe Biden and the Socialist Fascists are not tough enough to make it happen.   And, we can forget about the Green New Deal, which will destroy America's economy.  We need to make all our energy sources, cleaner, safer and cheaper to compete with China.  Why on earth would we give up our advantage in Energy resources.  Doing so is insane and even treasonous. 

It will take President Trump to compete with China, or somebody else in the Republican Party of like mind putting America First.  We must recognize that China is the real enemy not Russia.  Until we do that, we face great danger from China.  As it is, we must bring back critical industries from manufacturing in China whatever it takes.  We cannot be dependent on China for anything that matters and particularly not for minerals that they currently control.  We must unleash to forces of American ingenuity to compete with China.  It will not happen any other way.  

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