Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Gun Violence - What Is Different

Americans have owned guns since before the founding of our nation.  And, after the Revolutionary War to end British tyranny, when our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, they added the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms not for hunting purposes; but because they understood that only an armed populace could guarantee freedom.  Today, more than 120 million Americans own about 400 million guns with more everyday.  Matter of fact, Americans have been legally purchasing guns at the rate of about a million guns a month for the last 35 months.  

It is pretty obvious, people are buying guns because they don't believe they can count on government to protect them.  We know that if we call 911, perhaps nobody will show up.  We watched BLM and Antifa riot, loot, burn down cities and businesses and injure hundreds of people with little or no consequence.  Crime is surging as woke District Attorney's allow criminals to roam the streets.  Drug related murders are happening every day in our inner cities as gangs fight for turf.  We see the invasion at our border as criminals and drugs enter our country illegally.  

And, then we see the gun violence coming from mass shooters, which does not really compare to the number of people killed everyday in our inner cities.  Everytime we see another tragic incident, as just occurred outside Chicago, Socialist Fascists call for taking our guns away; yet they say nothing about the gun violence that happens in major cities run by them all the time.  So why are these mass shootings happening.  It is not about gun ownership legal or otherwise.  Americans have always owned guns.  It is about the societal problems that have just gotten worse in the last twenty years.  So what is different?  Let me provide a list:

1. Dysfunctional families as many children are born to single moms into poverty with no Dad's in the home; 

2. Substance abuse including alcohol, hard drugs and pot;

3. Unrestricted abortion, violent video games and movies that make killing seem normal;

4. Social media that provides a platform to gain fame for committing murder;

5. The Defund the Police Movement so there are fewer cops on the beat making arrests;

6. Soft on crime policies that allow criminals out of jail;

7. Lack of religious faith at school or in the home;

8.  Lousy public schools that result in half the country's kids unable to do math or read at grade level with inner city kids way below grade level. 

We have developed a permissive society that has had a severe negative impact on young people in particular.  These shooters often have a similar profile.  They usually come from dysfunctional families, are loaners that were often bullied in school.  The factors listed above usually play a part in their mental issues.  If they did not use guns to kill, they would just find some other way to murder lots of people.  A car speeding through a crowd of people is just as effective as a gun.  

Unless and until we face up to the societal problems in our country, we will continue to have mass shootings.  Socialist Fascists refuse to see the forest for the trees because it is their permissiness that has gotten us where we are today.  These Socialists and their supporters have a real problem defining right from wrong because it would offend someone in their voter base.  So, whenever we have a mass shooting, they resort back to same old same old.  Socialist Fascists want to take guns away from law abiding gun owners.  To that we say HELL NO.  The fact is that criminals will always have access to guns.  They don't abide by laws.  

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