Sunday, July 17, 2022

Republicans Need A Platform To Win in 2022

Socialist Fascists see a Red Wave coming.  Joe Biden is such a miserable failure that about the only things Socialists can hang their hats on is the January 6th riot and the abortion issue.  They are hoping they can motivate Trump haters and radical pro-choice women to vote for them.   In some House districts and swing states, this plan could work if the Republicans get complacent.  Republicans assume they will win just because Biden has failed so miserably in his first two years in office.  However, if that is their only story, though Republicans may win back the House, they will not take back the Senate.

Republicans need to give their base and Independents reasons to vote for them.  They need an America First platform as follows:

1. Secure the border to stop the invasion of illegal aliens.

2. Make the Trump personal income tax cuts that will otherwise expire in 2025 permanent.

3. Support School Choice for all parents so the poor and middle class can get their kids out of failing public schools.  The money should follow the kid to the private, charter or public school of the parent's choice.

4.  Demand election integrity in all states.  Ending mailing out unsolicited ballots, ballot harvesting and requiring voter ID and proof of citizenship.

5. Support Fair Trade Not Free Trade to protect jobs in America.  Provide incentives and enact tariffs to bring critical manufacturing and mining jobs back to the United States to stop dependence on China.

6. Support Energy Independence making all energy sources in the United States safer, cleaner and cheaper.  Open up more federal lands and offshore leases to drilling to bring down the price of energy to combat inflation.  

7. Demand that allies pay more for their own defense to guard against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

8.  Support an 11 week rule related to prohibiting abortions after 11 weeks of pregnancy except in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in danger, in which case no later than 20 weeks applicable to those states that allow abortion.   Utilization of the abortion pill cannot happen after 11 weeks so this is close to the heart beat rule.  This would actually limited the infanticide that is happening in Blue States.  Red states would still be free to prohibit abortion altogether or adopt this standard.  

9.  Oppose Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist history and LGBTQIA indoctrination in our schools.  Demand focus on quality education and academic achievement rather than woke indoctrination.

10.  Protect gun rights; but allow for universal background checks.  

11. Oppose any shut down of the economy or schools for any reason ever again. 

Republicans candidates that adopt this platform will win the base, Independents and even some old style conservative Democrats.  The Red Wave is not inevitable.  If Republicans don't move quick to put this Platform in place,  they will not win as many seats as would otherwise be possible.  It would be a real lost opportunity given the mess Joe Biden has created in his first two years in office.  

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