Friday, July 1, 2022

Supreme Court Ruling To Stop EPA Green New Deal Regulations

The fourth branch of government is actually uncontrolled Federal Government Regulatory Agencies that implement regulations that have the force of law without Congressional approval.  In a recent case filed against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop the regulation of carbon emissions that would have destroyed our economy,  The Supreme Court said UNCONSTITUTIONAL by a 6 - 3 vote.  These agencies act like a Gestapo controlling all aspects of life.  

This ruling has far reaching implications.  What the court is saying to Regulatory agencies is that only Congress can make the laws of the land when approved by a sitting President.  The over reach of regulatory agencies must stop.  It is only common sense.  The Executive Branch is charged with executing laws enacted by Congress not making laws.  Regulatory Agencies are part of the Executive Branch.  

The case is really about Separation of Powers, which is a critical aspect of our Constitution.  In issuing this ruling, the Supreme Court is not making Environmental Law because it is not their job either.  What they are saying is that those laws are up to a majority in the House of Representative and a super majority in the Senate.  This is very good because it means that regulations that impact our freedoms and the economy will not just happen by some unelected bureaucrat in the Deep State. 

The Paris Climate Accord, which Trump walked away from and Biden has reentered is really a Treaty that should have required a two thirds vote of the Senate.  It never went before the Senate because Obama and now Biden would never have been able to get two thirds of the Senate to approve it.  These things happening outside our Constitution must stop.  The Paris Climate Accord should be challenged on that basis because it will destroy the US economy.  The Conservative Majority on the Supreme Court in recent rulings have just acted in accordance with the Constitution.  Thank You President Trump.   

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