Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Socialist Fascist & RINO January 6th Show Trial

What we see happening in Washington DC is the Socialist Fascist & RINO January 6th Show Trial.  It is more like what would probably happen in Communist China, Iran, North Korea or Russia.  These same Trump Haters have spent the last six years trying to destroy Donald Trump because they are terrified of his connection with the American people.  They have hired a Hollywood producer to coordinate this made for TV event that is nothing but lies.  There is no cross examination of witnesses because there are no real Republicans on the Committee.  There are only people chosen by Fancy Nancy Pelosi in another attempt to smear President Trump to prevent him from running for President again. 

It will not work.  Socialist Party Hack Attorney General Merrick Garland would not dare attempt to charge Trump with crimes because the evidence is not there and there would be demonstrations all over the country.  Garland knows that a real court proceeding would expose all the lies we are seeing on television and further implicate Fancy Nancy Pelosi who failed to secure the Capitol with the 20,000 National Guard Troops that President Trump approved to protect the Capitol.   

Socialist Fascists, RINOS, the Deep State and Fake News all see a Red Wave coming in the Midterm elections.  Their only hope is riling up their ignorant base with the January 6th hoax and the abortion issue because feckless Joe Biden is such a miserable failure.  However, none of this will matter when inflation is destroying families.  We have an invasion happening at our border.  There is war in Europe.  China ready to attack Taiwan and Iran will shortly have nuclear weapons.  The price of gas at $6 or more a gallon is the kiss of death for the Socialist Fascists and they know it.  

There is already talk of getting rid of Joe Biden.  No doubt right after the Midterm tsunami, Biden will be told by Socialist Fascist leaders that he must announce he will not run in 2024 so that they can at least attempt to nominate someone to run against whichever Republican is the nominee.  Odds are pretty good it will be Donald Trump; but if not him any number of great potential candidates will win the Presidency in 2024.  In any case, we must endure a few more months of the Socialist Fascist and RINO January 6th Show Trial.  It does not even make for good entertainment because it is so phoney.  

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