Friday, June 10, 2022

Joe Biden - Let Them Eat Cake

In his own Marie Antoinette moment, feckless Joe Biden's inability to understand how inflation is killing people in the United States is equivalent to Marie Antoinette's reported statement when the people of France were starving when she said, "let them eat cake".  Of course, eventually during the French Revolution old Marie lost her head for her callous indifference to the plight of the French people.   The equivalent for Joe Biden will be the Red Wave tsunami that is coming when the Republicans take over the Congress in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024.  It is even possible that they could win a veto proof majority as the economy continues to deteriorate.  

While inflation is up 8.6% about the highest in our history, it does not tell the whole story because the cost of gasoline and natural gas is up 40%.  Soon the average will be $6 a gallon for gas.  Diesel fuel is even higher.  Since the cost of transporting goods is built into everything we buy,  inflation will continue to go even higher.  Biden's explanation that this is happening because of the war with Ukraine is BS.  The United States was only importing about 500,000 barrels of oil from Russia a day.  The Keystone Pipeline, which Biden cancelled on his first day in office would have brought 850,000 barrels of Canadian oil into the US everyday.  That oil is coming into our country by truck and rail, which is a much less environmentally clean way to get it here; but we could be getting even more oil from Canada.  

Further, if Biden would go back to Delaware and get out of the way, the United States could be entirely energy independent.  We don't need to import oil from Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia or any other country.  We have more oil, natural gas and coal than any other nation in the world.  Yet, Biden goes begging to other countries to please ship oil to the US.   This President is an idiot out to destroy our country.  How much more can we take.  When the Republicans regain control of Congress, Joe Biden must be impeached if nothing else for failing to secure our border and any number of other laws he has violated.  For the good of our country, Joe Biden has to go!!  We can't take two more years of Biden's incompetence.  

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