Sunday, June 5, 2022

January 6th Circus Hitting Prime Time

The third Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump will hit prime time this week as the highly partisan January 6th hearings go public.  Once again Socialist Fascists, (AKA Democrats) a few RINOS, Fake News and the Deep State will do anything and everything they can to destroy Donald Trump.  We will see the same cast of characters like Socialist Congressman Adam Schitt and Jamie Raskin who were two of the big mouths the last times around.  So what's new?  The answer is nothing.  These are the same people that peddled the Russia Hoax.  

These hearings will be a a lot of Yada, Yada, Yada as the American people are paying more than $6 for a gallon of gas, while parents can't buy the infant formula they need.  The cost of all food is making it tough to feed families.  Crime is out of control and the murder rate is going through the roof in many Blue State cities.  Public Schools are pushing CRT indoctrination and the radical LGBTQIA agenda that is resulting in School Board hostility and poor academic achievement.  There is war in Europe.  China is poised to attack Taiwan.  This is all happening because Biden is perceived as very weak and partisan.  The Socialist Fascists are praying that the issues of January 6th, gun control and the Supreme Court banning unrestricted abortion will save them; but given the other serious issues facing our country, they are delusional.  

The Socialist Fascists are trying to prove that Donald Trump led a coup or insurrection to stop the Electoral College count on January 6th.  And, while about 750 Trump supporters did riot and have been prosecuted for it way beyond the crimes committed, Donald Trump never told his supporters to storm the Capitol building.  This is really about the election in 2024.  They know that if Donald Trump wants the Republican nomination in 2024, he will have it.  And, given all the fiascos Joe Biden and his pals have caused there is a good chance that the Republicans will take over the Congress in 22 and the Presidency in 24.

The Socialist Fascist cabal is hoping that if only they can prove that Donald Trump led the riot, he will be prohibited from running again.  That is not going to happen.  So here we go again.  Fake news will characterize every utterance as a bombshell; but the American people are not buying it.  Many know that there was election fraud in 2020 and that the election was stolen from Trump.  That story is not going away no matter what the Socialist Fascists, Fake News and the Deep State does to deny it.  The "Big Lie" is that Donald Trump lost the election.  

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