Monday, June 6, 2022

The Biden Administration Is Crumbling - Rats Off A Sinking Ship

Vice President Quemala Harris has lost most of her staff because apparently she is a terrible person to work for, or so they say.  Now that feckless Joe Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet, since he has caused one crisis after another, the finger pointing is starting.  Nobody wants to be associated with a remake of Jimmy Carter because it would be destructive to their careers.  So, we will start to see Biden Administration staff members leave like rats off a sinking ship.  

More important, as the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) face the mid term elections in 2022 and they see the red wave tsunami coming, they will distance themselves from Joe Biden.  You can bet that very few of them will want Biden out campaigning with them as long as gas prices are $6 or more a gallon and inflation is rising above 8%.   

They will want Joe Biden gone before the 2024 election.  They know they will lose the Congress in 22 so now they are worried about the Presidency.  They know Biden cannot be re elected if he dared to run again in 24 no matter who the Republican nominee is so all of a sudden the Biden Crime family stories will start to become more regular.  Joe Biden is obviously a crook; but they have covered it up for years.  Now, the Socialist Fascists and their pals will use his corruption to force Biden's resignation.  It is only a matter of time right after the November election.  Biden will have to be the fall guy for the disastrous election losses that are coming in 22.   Given the messes Biden has created, the Socialist Fascists and their pals will want him gone.  The countdown has begun.  

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