Tuesday, June 21, 2022

America First Is Not White Nationalism

Socialist Fascists and their pals in Fake News contend that President Trump's America First and MAGA policies are predicated on White Nationalism.  Since they practice identity politics as their means of staying in power feeding at the trough, they portray everything through the lens of race.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.  America First is about history.  After World War II, the United States spent trillions of taxpayer dollars rebuilding Europe, Japan and other countries that were ravaged by war.  This was initially good for America since it preserved democracy in these countries and created markets for American products. 

However, these countries eventually became rich while we spent trillions of dollars defending them.  The EU and Japan turned into economic powerhouses, that did not pay their fair share to defend their own countries.  Instead, they became cradle to grave entitlement countries providing their citizens "free services" at the expense of the American people.  Fast forward to Donald Trump who stood up to say enough.  Germany in particular, the richest country in Europe was the biggest freeloader.  Trump forced them to pay billions more to support NATO.  Of course, they did not like that very much, which is why they love Joe Biden and other Socialist and Establishment RINOS that tolerated their free loading for year.  Trump basically determined that before we take care of other  countries often requiring the United States to borrow money adding to our $30 Trillion National Debt, we need to take care of the people of all colors living in our country.  Trump policies put America First for a change.  

Specific to Making America Great Again.  Early on after World War II, American companies manufactured goods in the United States and shipped them all over the world.  Because we opened our doors to foreign goods without tariffs, particularly coming from Asia and Mexico, American companies soon shipped about 5 million manufacturing jobs overseas, which resulted in the closing of 70,000 factories in the US.  This hollowed out our manufacturing base in the United States and turned mill towns in the United States mostly in the Midwest and upper Northeast into wastelands.  MAGA is about bringing those jobs back to the United States.  We see now how important this really is with all the Supply Chain issues we are facing.  

In addition, MAGA is about American Energy Independence.  We don't need to import oil and natural gas from overseas.  We have more than we need so during the Trump years, the United States became an energy exporter creating thousands of good paying jobs in the United States.  MAGA is about making the United States a manufacturing powerhouse once gain, which is good for people of all colors living in the United States.  Further, Trump's move to secure our border is about saving the more than $200 Billion a years spent to support illegal aliens in our country.  With both Social Security and Medicare headed towards insolvency, we must take care of our people first.  

America First and MAGA are just common sense.  They have nothing to do with racial politics.  In fact, people of color benefit most from these policies as good paying jobs are created in the United States.  So don't believe the BS that comes out of Socialist Fascist and Fake News mouths.  America First and MAGA are good for the people living in the United States.  

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