Thursday, June 2, 2022

Critical Race Theory Marxist, Racist, Revisionist Fake History Indoctrination

Though many public and some private schools in our country, including in Nevada where we live are  implementing Critical Race Theory Marxist, Racist, Revisionist, Fake History Indoctrination in grades K - 12, it would be most prevalent in the teaching of World and US History and Government, often referred to as Social Studies that happens in junior and senior high school classes.  It is being done in the name of their "Social Justice" curriculum, which is just a "Big Lie" to camouflage the indoctrination that woke School Boards, Administrators and Teachers are doing in our schools.  

CRT as it is known sees every historical event and or person through the lens of slavery in the United States.  So our Founding Fathers are all evil White Men because many of them owned slaves including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison among others.  Forget about the fact that they created the greatest country in human history.  Christopher Columbus, a White European is evil because he came to what was called the New World and in the process spread Christianity to peoples some of whom were practicing human sacrifice and cannibalism, which was stopped by Christian missionaries.  

CRT is teaching kids to hate other kids.  All White people, especially White men and boys are referred to as "Oppressors".   All peoples of color are referred to as "Oppressed Peoples".  The fact that there are thousands of people of color elected to office at the local, state and federal levels does not matter.  Or that there are millions of successful people of color working in government and all sorts of businesses does not matter either.  Somehow these successful people are being oppressed by White people.

Dr. Martin Luther King's saying that people should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, which was a noble concept is now in disfavor.  Now, we need to accept stereotypes that were once deemed wrong. 

As a former Social Studies teacher in Junior, Senior and Adult Schools, I taught about the great, good, bad and ugly in World and US History and Government.  I did not "White Wash" any topic including the evils of slavery, prejudice etc.  I taught multicultural education to showcase what was great about all peoples.  What I did not do was indoctrinate students with either left or right wing ideology, which is happening in our schools today.   At a time when half the kids in our country cannot read or do math and grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level, pushing Critical Race Theory Marxist, Racist Revisionist Fake History is child abuse and criminal malpractice.  Teaching children to hate other children is divisive and very hate for America.  It can only lead to civil strife.  

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