Monday, June 13, 2022

Establishment Republicans Put America Last

Establishment Republicans have been complicit for years going along to get along, feeding at the trough, putting America Last.  These are country club Republicans that are often far removed from middle and lower class working people of America.  These Republicans stood by and watched 70,000 factories in the US close as 5 million jobs were shipped to China and other countries.  They watched Obama bail out General Motors costing American taxpayers about $12 billion only to see GM ship thousands of US jobs jobs to China and Mexico in the name of "free trade". 

These are the same Republican who for years voted for defense budgets with the US defending our so called "Allies" with them spending little or nothing to defend themselves.  These Establishment Republicans who lost Presidential elections, actually created Donald Trump who preached America First in response to their America Last policies.  Establishment Republicans got the United States into numerous foreign wars costing our nation trillions of dollars and what do we have to show for it.  Afghanistan is run by the Taliban.  China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are stronger than ever.  Iraq is a basket case.  

It was Donald Trump who argued for "Fair Trade" by pushing back on China, Mexico and Europe.   It was Trump who forced our European "Allies" to finally start paying their fair share.   We made progress on trade while Trump was in office that Biden is screwing up.  Most important, Trump unleashed our energy sector making our nation energy independent for the first time in 50 years.  Of course, Biden has screwed that up too.  

We need to elect America First Republicans to Make America Great Again.  Establishment Republicans are almost as bad as Socialist Fascists.  They have been working with the
Deep State to destroy Donald Trump because they can't control him.  When push comes to shove Establishment Republicans are gutless and will always fold when faced with tough battles.  History is out teacher.  They need to be primaried and voted out of office.  

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