Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Joe Biden - The Ghost Of Jimmy Carter

For all of us that lived through the miserable 4 year, one term Socialist Jimmy Carter Presidency, we are seeing Biden recreate those years only even worse.  It is no coincidence that Joe Biden was the first Socialist Senator at the time to endorse Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer from Georgia.  During the Carter years, the Russians were pushing us around and high inflation eroded peoples savings.  There were lines to buy gas at high prices because of the Arab oil embargo.  Mortgage interest rates went through the roof.  People were thrown out of good paying jobs in the fossil fuel industry.  Sound familiar.

The parallels between Biden and Carter are striking.  Back then there was the Misery Index we heard about every night on the news.  It was the combination of the inflation rate and the unemployment rate.  We had Stagflation; that is high inflation with high unemployment that is coming again.  Today, the Misery index is the cost of gallon of gas combined with the cost of a pound of bacon to demonstrate everything that is happening in the economy.  While getting gas became difficult, we did not have the supply chain issues we are facing today.  

The Carter Foreign Policy was a disaster as 52 Americans ended up as hostages in Iran for over a year.  Carter tried working with Iran the same way Biden is attempting to put a nuclear deal together today, which will result in Iran having nuclear weapons.  Joe Biden will surpass Carter's failures.  Carter did not implement the Green New Deal, which will destroy our economy.  Carter did not open our borders to illegal aliens as is the case today.  China was not nearly the threat they are today.  

It took a landslide victory by Ronald Reagan to bring morning in America again.  It took two  painful years to get our economy back on track.  But then by cutting taxes, our economy boomed as Reagan created millions of jobs and got inflation under control.  Reagan rebuilt the military that Carter had destroyed, which eventually brought down the Communist Soviet Union.  President Trump Made America Great Again during his 4 year term.  It has only taken Joe Biden two years to make a complete mess out of everything he touches.  

The good news is that there is a Red Wave coming in 2022, which will effectively end the Biden Presidency.  And, then in 2024, a Republican will be elected to the Presidency to finally get our country back on track.  In the meantime, the American people will suffer pain.  It is the ghost of Jimmy Carter in the White House.  We have seen this story before.  

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