Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Abortion Pill - The Next Big Battle & Abortions On Federal Lands

54% of abortions in the United States now happen by abortion pills rather than surgical procedures.  The cost to the patient or insurance company is about the same.  Abortion mills make more money prescribing abortion pills than doing surgical abortions, which is why this number will grow.  Most Red States will either limit abortion, or restrict it altogether now that Roe V Wade has been overturned by the Supreme Court.  No doubt, Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion mill has been preparing for this moment for many years.  They have a game plan to keep the gravy train rolling and it is called Telemedicine. 

Planned Parenthood will advertise in Red States to give women an 800 number, which will connect to Abortionists in Blue States where there will be few restrictions on abortions.  As long as the woman is no more than 11 weeks pregnant,  the Abortionist will meet with the woman by Zoom call to implement Telemedicine.  The Abortionist will write out a prescription to a pharmacy in a Blue State.  Either Planned Parenthood, or the pharmacy directly will simply overnight the prescription to the woman in the Red State complete with instructions from the Abortionist.  The Abortionist will implement Telemedicine Zoom calls as needed to complete the abortion.  The Biden Administration Justice Department has already said they will defend this process.  

Since the Abortionist is licensed to practice medicine in the Blue State presumably there would be no violation of the law.  Red States will react by banning this practice and sending Abortion pills into a state where abortion is prohibited.  They will claim that the Abortionist is in fact practicing medicine in a state where abortion is prohibited.  Planned Parenthood will fight this argument under interstate commerce laws that prohibit states from stopping trade across state lines.  Here we go again.  This court case won't be about abortion; but rather the case will be about interstate commerce, which Planned Parenthood is likely to win.  

Since we are often in various states, if we need medications, my doctor has electronically sent prescriptions to drug stores in the various states where we happen to be.  This is already happening.  In the case of abortion pills if they are prohibited in a Red State there is nothing to say that a prescription can't be filled in a Blue State and then sent directly to the patient.  Recently, I had a prescription filled in the state of Kentucky and sent to me in my home state.  Apparently, there is nothing in the law prohibiting mailing of prescriptions across state lines.    

So be prepared for Round Two.   Certainly any woman can travel to a Blue State to get an abortion.  There is absolutely nothing in the law that would prevent it.  Many woke companies have even announced that they will pay for abortion travel.  However, use of Telemedicine could make travel completely unnecessary.  If a woman taking abortion pills starts to hemorrhage as she effectively has a miscarriage from taking the pills, she will end up in emergency in the Red State and be treated like any other emergency.  Those determined to murder innocent babies will find a way to continue doing it because there is big money at stake.  

And, be advised Socialist Fascists are even talking about putting abortion clinics on federal lands, Indian reservations and military bases in Red States.  That will be another interesting court case because the woman getting to the abortion clinic will have to travel over state roads.  So jurisdiction will come into play and then who knows how the courts will rule.  This story is far from over.  

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