Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Illegal Aliens & Their Death March

Ever since feckless Joe Biden opened our border to the illegal alien invasion that is happening with more than 200,000 illegal aliens entering our country every month and tons of illegal drugs coming across our border, more illegal aliens face rape, human trafficking and are dying on their death march.  In the most recent tragic example, 51 illegal aliens were discovered dead in an enclosed truck from suffocation and stifling Texas heat.  These poor people were seeking freedom and died trying to get to it. 

When are Bidenistas going to stop this mayhem by securing our border.  They need to finish the border wall that Trump began.  They need to implement the remain in Mexico policy ordered by the courts while illegal aliens await asylum trials.  Biden needs to get Mexico to stop the traffic at its Southern border with their troops as was happening when Trump was in office.  

How many more illegal aliens must be raped, trafficked or die because of Biden's policies.  And, how many more Americans must die from fentanyl drug overdoses, which is happening by the thousands all over the country.  China is already at war with the United States killing our people by producing the fentanyl that they are smuggling into our country earning billions of dollars.

Biden needs to make war on the Cartels to stop all of this.  If necessary, the United States should send troops into Mexico to battle the Cartels as we did in Columbia.  It is starting to look like Bidenistas are on the take.  Why else would they be helping the Cartels make billions of dollars smuggling illegal aliens and poisonous drugs into our country.  When the Republicans take control of the Congress in 2022, Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas should all be impeached for failing to preserve and protect our country.  The invasion at the Southern Border is as bad as any foreign invader attempting to take over our country.  It has to stop.    

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