Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Time To Protect Judges From Terrorists - Non Partisan Issue

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are inciting violence against Judges that do not rule according to their left wing agenda.  This started with Socialist Senate Majority Leader Chuckie Schumer as he stood in front of the Supreme Court and threatened Conservative Justices should they dare to strike down Roe V Wade, the flawed ruling that made abortion on demand the law of the land.  Other Socialist Fascists have been just as incendiary.  The Biden Justice Department has tolerated protests at Supreme Court Justices homes.  And, now one of their crazy supporters was poised to murder Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.  Fortunately, the madman actually called cops to turn himself in professing suicidal tendencies.  If that had not occurred, it is possible that he would have made it to Kavanaugh's home.  

But is not just Supreme Court Justices that are being threatened.  Other judges and some of their family members have been murdered by lunatics unhappy with their rulings.  The Senate has already passed a law to protect judges.  The Bill has been sitting in the House of Representatives for months because Fancy Nancy Pelosi will not bring it up for a vote.  Clearly, judges need increased 7/24 security for them and their families.  Their homes should be walled and outfitted with state of the art security systems at government expense to provide for surveillance.  Supreme Court Justices must live on secure streets if they are not already living in a gated community.  

President George W. Bush bought a home in a Dallas suburb in an area that is not gated.  The government installed gates at both ends of his street so that only residents can enter the street. or those otherwise authorized to be on that street.  It is very clear that Supreme Court Justices need this same level of protection.  At the moment it is Conservative Justices being threatened; but sometime in the future it could be Socialist Justices facing similar threats.  Either way,  the Judiciary system is our third branch of government.  It is critical to our democracy.  It is time for Fancy Nancy Pelosi to bring the Bill to the floor of the House to pass legislation designed to provide more security for judges in the United States.  To do otherwise, puts their lives at risk.  This should be a non partisan issue.  

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