Monday, June 27, 2022

Abortion & The Facts

Socialist Fascists, Fake News, the Deep State and Woke Companies are always saying that the majority of people in the United States support abortion.  If that was true why are so many Red States poised to ban or severely restrict abortion now that Roe V Wade has been overturned.  75 million Americans voted for Donald Trump knowing that he was Pro Life and was very committed to appointing Conservative Supreme Court Justices that might be disposed to overrule Roe V Wade.  Most of those voters; half the country are Pro-Life.  

There are about 350 million people living in the United States and probably more if all illegal aliens were counted.  There are about a million abortions performed each year throughout our country.  Obviously, a very small percentage of women have abortions in any given year.  Given the hysteria even though the recent court decision did not end abortion in America, one would think that a much higher percentage of women were having abortions every year.  It is just not happening.  

Only about 1% of abortions occur each year because of rape or incest.  86% of abortions are performed on unmarried women.  And, while any death is tragic, the percentage of women who die in childbirth is also very low and usually because of other comorbidities.  The vast majority of abortions in our country are implemented as birth control.  Women and men fail to use cheap contraceptives and or other means of preventing conception and then turn to abortion.  This is really about personal responsibility, or the lack thereof.  Can we at least be honest about the facts of the matter.  

57% of abortions today happen by pills not surgical procedures and that number is growing because abortion clinics get about the same amount of money for less work.  The pill method is more profitable; but it must be done no later than the first 11 weeks of pregnancy.  So, the notion that women do not know they are pregnant often until much later is bogus.  Instead of abortions being safe, legal and rare,  the Socialist Fascists in our country support abortion infanticide right up until birth and even after.  They have even tried to codify this outrageous practice by federal law.  That is just plain evil and crazy.  And, while many in our country can tolerate abortion if very early in a pregnancy presumably before a heart beat at about 7 weeks, the thought of a late term abortion of a viable baby is so heinous that the vast majority of Americans are opposed.  

The Socialist Fascists will now use the abortion issue to stir up their base for the Midterm election; but since the price of a gallon of gas impacts everyone in the country one way or another, the abortion issue will not change many votes that weren't already there.  

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