Saturday, June 18, 2022

Radical LGBTQIA Indoctrination In Our Schools

Recently, we attended the Christian Pre-School graduation of our 5 year old grandson.  As I watched those little children up on stage singing songs of praise to God, I thought about woke Socialist Fascist School Board Members,  Administrators and Teachers in many public and even some private schools that are pushing radical LGBTQIA indoctrination in our schools on children as young as kindergarten.  It dawned on me that I would not trust these people to babysit my grandchildren let alone educate them.  

To be clear, anyone who is LGBTQIA in America is free to be who they are and to love who they want; but they are not free to indoctrinate children pushing their lifestyle, which in many ways is an attack on religious faith and the traditional family.  It is estimated that there may be 5 - 8% of people in the United States who are LGBTQIA.  Their rights are protected under our Constitution as are the rights of the other 95% of people in our country who do not practice this lifestyle.  

Those of us that support religious faith, the traditional family and marriage between a man and a woman  have every right to espouse our views without intimidation, or threat of being cancelled.  We also have every right to boycott companies like Disney and others that are pushing this radical ideology on children.   Most important, parents in particular are in charge of their children's education not woke Educators and certainly not teacher unions.  The indoctrination that is going on in our public schools today in the name of "social justice" must stop because it is both child abuse and criminal malpractice. 

In Reno, Nevada where we live the woke School Board and Administrators are pushing a 4th and 5th grade sex education curriculum on children that are two or three years away from puberty in which boys are referred to as bodies with a penis and girls as bodies with a vulva.  In Reno as is the case throughout the country, half the kids cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Many of these children guaranteed cannot read the words penis or vulva and it is completely inappropriate to create this gender confusion at this age.  Frankly, what they are pushing sick.

Parents and grandparents with money can opt out by sending their children to private schools as we do to avoid this malpractice.  But 90% of kids in our country attend public schools where a lot of this crap is happening.   As result, we must have School Choice to allow all parents to control the education of their children.  Woke School Board Members, Administrators and Teachers who refuse to focus on quality education and instead push radical Socialist Fascist indoctrination cannot be trusted to educate children.   

Parents and concerned citizens must take back our public schools by removing woke School Board Members from office, which is happening all over the country.  And once done, woke Administrators and Teachers that insist on this indoctrination must be FIRED to stop the child abuse and criminal malpractice that is occurring.   While tolerance of anybody who is different should be taught to prevent bullying, radical LGBTQIA indoctrination in our public and some private schools is just plain wrong.  

Further, these topics should only be discussed when age appropriate presumably after children reach puberty.   Focus in elementary school must be on teaching the basics so that kids learn history, science and to read and do math at grade level to end the national crisis that we face.  To do otherwise is a waste of valuable time and money.  

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  1. These so-called “educators” are pushing self-hatred and self-imprisonment on our children, the exact opposite of sexual liberation. For starters, it is not the prerogative of any school to be imparting knowledge about Fire or its use. That is a job which is relegated solely to parents and churches. Furthermore, children with that orientation are raised that way. They are not born that way. And it most definitely requires a powerfully disciplined Mom and Dad - a strong nuclear family - to raise children - at all. Knowledge about the Facts of Life is best conveyed by example. Responsible adults must not give out the answers to Life’s test questions. After all, the tests come first. The answers come later.