Sunday, June 19, 2022

Election Fraud In Blue States Like Nevada

Socialist Fascists in control of Nevada, like other Blue States adopted all sorts of election shenanigans as a result of Covid that are still in practice.  Nevada has mailed out ballots to all registered voters be they moved, dead or alive because the voter rolls are not clean.   My wife and I voted in person and had to sign a document saying we would not also send in our mail in ballots; but it is hard to know if there is a double check on this process.  What we do know is that in the June 14th primary about half the votes counted were by mail in ballot, which is where the fraud could be happening.  They were literally still counting ballots up to 4 days after the election, which is plenty of time for shenanigans. 

Once chain of custody is destroyed, it is impossible to know who is really voting in those mail in ballots.  Two of the elections that got my attention involved Elizabeth Smith running for her School Board seat as an appointed incumbent and Angela Taylor, the current failed School Board President who is now running for the Nevada State Assembly.  Both Smith and Taylor are avowed Socialist Fascists supported with big money by the teacher's union and the Nevada Communist Party.  Smith, is a White woman in charge of "Diversity" for a major corporation in town.  Taylor, a Black woman, who called Trump Supporters the Trump Mob openly exhibits hatred for half the community.  Certainly, the teacher's union and the Communists; one in the same know they can count on Smith and Taylor to follow their marching orders, which is why they were supported with big money.    

While 3 other Woke School Board incumbents were all forced into runoffs; both Smith and Taylor garnered about 67% of the vote, an interesting coincidence.  Smith ran for a non partisan position, which means that both Republicans and Socialists were eligible to vote in her race.  Given her support for Critical Race Theory and LGBTQIA indoctrination, generally opposed by Republicans, it is hard to believe that she too was not forced into a runoff.  In Taylor's case only Socialists were voting in her race; but there too since she has been a miserable failure as School Board President, one would think that more Socialists would have voted for her opponent.  

I smell voter fraud in these two races, which requires further investigation by the Secretary of State; but it may have occurred in other races as well.  In this case, the teacher's union and their Communist buddies may very well have used ballot harvesting to vote and control those mail out ballots.  We would first need an audit of the election, which probably will not happen since Socialists are still in control of the state.  We currently do have a RINO Secretary of State at least until next November; but she proved useless in the election in 2020; so it is doubtful she will do anything this time around either.  In any case, I smell dirty rats and I think I know who they are.  

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