Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Politics Of Abortion

Watching a CSPAN House Hearing on Abortion demonstrated just how divided we are as a nation.  Socialist Fascists all argue for abortion on demand right up until birth and even after.  They support infanticide in the name of a woman's "right to choose".  They will not even admit that the baby inside the womb is a human being.  Republicans go from wanting a complete ban on abortion to allowing abortion in cases of rape, incest, or if a woman's life is really in danger.  Most Republicans can probably live with the heart beat rule so that once there is a heart beat at about 7 weeks, no more abortion.  

While our country has never been more divided since the Civil War when slavery caused the Civil War, abortion is an issue that is just as volatile.  The problem for the Socialist Fascists is that science that they often argue for is not on their side.  As Grandparents, as soon as our daughters-in-law became pregnant within five days of conception, we were seeing pictures about every two weeks and thereafter so we saw the progression from a beating heart at about 7 weeks to a fully formed human being at about 12 weeks.  To argue that this is not a human being is absurd. 

Going further, to argue that two lives are not impacted directly by abortion is also absurd.  The baby has separate and distinct DNA.  While a baby resides within the womb, it is not part of a mother.  At about 15 weeks a baby can feel pain.  So the notion of ripping a baby apart limb from limb using clamps once the suction method is no longer viable is gruesome.  Can there be anything more disgusting?

Even if the Supreme Court strikes down Roe V Wade which was really a flawed ruling, the decision about abortion will go back to the states.  No doubt Blue States will opt for abortion on demand right up until birth and even after.   There will be a small number of Red States that prohibit abortion altogether.  Other Red States will adopt common sense rules.  No matter what happens, the abortion battle will continue because of extreme positions that exist in our country.  This is not going away any time soon, no matter what the Supreme Court rules.  

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  1. Abortion Is………
    First Degree Murder of GOD!