Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Green New Deal Is Economic Lunacy

Socialist Fascists and all their pals keep pushing the Green New Deal, which is not only bad science, it is economic lunacy.  The fact is that carbon energy is responsible for an economic miracle in the last 100 years raising more people out of poverty around the world than any other way to make it happen.   It is the most cost effective way to power our industries and the world.  Oil and natural gas are easy to transport.  Fortunately, the United States has been blessed by God with abundant carbon energy resources.  We would be foolish to give up the advantage this provides our nation.  

Instead of getting rid of carbon energy, it should be in the mix to make all energy sources cleaner, safer and cheaper not more expensive.  Green Energy, wind and solar simply cannot compete with carbon energy; nor can the current technology power modern industrial economy.  Perhaps, hydrogen energy is that future; but either way to stop the use of carbon energy is a road to a lower standard of living for the peoples of the world.  And why?  Some scientists preach that carbon energy is raising the temperature of the earth by a few degrees and that it will lead to end the world.  Whether this is a man made problem or just a climatic cycle really does not matter.  The answer is not to stop using carbon energy; but to make carbon energy even cleaner, safer and cleaner than has occurred in the last 25 years.  

Those states that have turned to wind and solar to replace carbon energy will experience black-outs during peak times.  It is already happening.  This blogger is buying a natural gas generator to power our home when the electricity goes out.  I see this train coming.  Electric cars are expensive and useless when the power goes out.  This blogger is buying a hybrid car that uses gas and battery for power.  Some now also come as plug in's, which is ok; but they are not completely reliant on electricity for power.  

Clearly, it will take 50 years or more to completely stop using carbon energy; but it really makes no sense.  Climate change does not represent and "existential" threat to our existence.  Nuclear war and stupid politicians represent an existential threat to our existence.  At the moment, we have many stupid politicians around the world including Joe Biden who lives in the White House.  Now Biden is begging that more oil be drilled in the US and around the world.  Joe Biden is the reason for $6 gas.  Just doing a temporary federal gas tax holiday will do little to increase supplies.  Biden has made a mess of our country and economy.  Hopefully, a Red Wave is coming in 2022 and 2024 to stop this economic lunacy.  

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