Sunday, November 30, 2014

US Is A Center Right Country - Just Look At The Numbers

Despite what we hear from the lame stream left wing media on both coasts, the United States is a solidly center right country.   Cards talk and numbers don't lie.  As of the November elections, there are now 33 Republican Governors, some in Blue States, 16 Socialist Governors and 1 Independent.  29 State Legislatures are completely controlled by Republicans.  10 State Legislatures are split.  Only 11 State Legislatures in the Bluest of Blue states are controlled by Socialists.  After the run off in Louisiana in December, there are likely to be 54 Republican Senators sitting across from 46 Socialists.  The House of Representatives will be even more firmly controlled by Republicans, as a result of gains in November at 243 Republicans, compared to 178 Socialists.  This is the largest Republican majority in decades. 

Republicans have Emperor Pinocchio Obama and all of his failed Socialist Schemes and feckless foreign policy to thank for their victories.  Clearly, unless Republicans do something with their mandate, to move the country toward more limited govenrment, lower taxes and less regulations, it will be short lived.  However, for now anyway, there can be no doubt that the majority of people in the United States are center right.   This is really about the Makers in society as opposed to the Takers.  With the exception of a few big cities in the middle of the country, populated by alot of people on the dole and union members, as soon as we look 500 miles in from the East and West coasts, we are in very Red areas of our country, particularly when viewed on a county basis.

This is the reason Socialist Senator Chuck Schumer came out and declared that ObamaCare was a grievous error.  Again, Schumer does not care that ObamaCare is a monstrosity that has negatively impacted the majority of the American people, one way or another, just that ObamaCare cost Socialists both the House of Representatives and now the US Senate.  Schumer is just recognizing that the majority of people in the United States see government as the problem and not the solution.  This fact is very tough news for most Socialists.  The reality is that Obama can fly over the entire United States and not reach friendly territory until he hits California.  It would even be tough to stop in Illinois, since Illinois now has a Republican Governor; though there is still Minnesota as a Socialist enclave.  Good thing Air Force One can fly for 12 hours, or more, before Obama needs a fuel stop.  In any case, the fact that the United States is a center right country is indisputable.      

ObamaCare Headed To The Ash Heap Of History

There is hope concerning repeal and replacement of ObamaCare.   Socialist Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the number two Socialist in the Senate after Senator Dirty Harry Reid, has admitted that ObamaCare was a huge mistake for the Socialist Party.  Of course, Schumer is not concerned that this monstrosity was bad for the majority of the American people, only that the Socialists lost both the House and the Senate because of ObamaCare.  That is ok.  Reality and selfish political motivation is the first step toward repeal of ObamaCare.  Schumer concluded that it was stupid to impact the 85% of Americans that were perfectly happy with their health insurance, doctors and hospitals to deal with the 15% of the uninsured.  Well dah!

And, though all of us with a brain have been saying it for years, now that everybody knows that ObamaCare was all smoke and mirrors and predicated on a bunch of lies and phony numbers, as a result of Jonathan Gruber, MIT Professor and architect of ObamaCare's admission of the truth,  perhaps those in Congress can at least deal with the facts.  ObamaCare was never about health care; but rather a redistribution of income from the Makers in society, those in the Middle Class, working young people and Senior Citizens with assets to the Takers in society, Obama's PEEP's.  This was always the case and the real Socialist goal all along; but they had to lie about it because otherwise ObamaCare would never have been enacted. 

So now, Republicans in Congress that will shortly be in control need to work on the replacement for ObamaCare.  Before it can be repealed, they should immediately enact the parts of the law that everybody supports.  All the Mandates in ObamaCare should immediately be repealed because they are counter productive.  The new taxes in ObamaCare should be repealed.  Insurance companies should be prevented from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions; though it will raise premiums for all Americans.  Parents should be allowed to cover their "children" still living at home or in college, under the age of 26, under their insurance policies.  Stopping insurance companies from charging older people more than 3 times what they charge younger people; though that too will raise premiums for many Americans.  Republicans also need to go further to allow Americans to buy medical insurance across state lines to create more competition to lower premium prices.  And, Americans that buy medical insurance privately should be able to deduct their premiums just like Americans who get medical insurance tax free from their employers. 

Specific to providing medical insurance for the poor or working poor, expanded Medicaid is the way to deal with it by ending the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundency in current government programs.  Senior Citizens should be offered Medicare Advantage HMO programs as the standard coverage, which works perfectly well.  If Seniors want PPO programs and more choices, they should have to pay more for them as the way to save Medicare.  Further, Medicare access should coincide with getting Social Security benefits, rather than automatically happen at age 65.  By the way, Medicare is already means tested.  The rich pay more for Medicare than the Middle Class, or Poorer Seniors, both throughout their working life and once on Medicare.  It is not enough just to say we want to repeal ObamaCare, we need to have a replacement.  These common sense reforms are the way to repeal and replace ObamaCare.  

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oil Prices Falling - Great For The World Economy

Oil prices are falling because of increased production in the United States.   This is great for the world economy, if politicians in various countries don't screw it up, by using lower prices as an opportunity to raise taxes on carbon based fuels.  The US has been slow to recover from Recession because Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist Pals in government have burdened the economy with higher taxes, ObamaCare and thousands of new regulations.  Now there are calls from Socialists and even RINOS in the US to raise the gas tax, since the price of gasoline has fallen from about $4 a gallon to about $2.75 in many states.  Despite all the current waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government, these politicians want more money supposedly to fund infrastructure and the Highway Trust Fund.  This is happening because the price of a barrel of oil has fallen from about $100 to $66 and it could go even lower if the US Energy Industry is unleashed to produce even more oil and natural gas.

This Blogger supports more infrastructure spending; but by using money we already give the government.   The American Taxpayer is not taxed too little, it is that the government spends too much on dumb things.  Until we see an end to the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government spending, this Blogger is opposed to any new taxes.   In any case, falling oil prices is like a tax cut for all Americans because cutting the cost of energy impacts the costs of everything.  If we all have to pay less for gasoline and heating oil, consumers will have more money to spend on other discretionary items, which should boost the economy.   We have to grow from 2% annual GDP growth and adding about 200,000 jobs a month, which just keeps up with population growth, to 4% or higher GDP growth to really see economic growth in America and the world. 

Everyone with a brain has been saying that American Energy Independence would solve many of our nation's problems.  We could get people back to work in good paying jobs.  It would raise government tax revenues, which if not squandered, could help pay down our $18 Trillion National Debt to get our country back on a sound financial basis.  With a new Republican Congress taking over in January, just maybe our elected officials will get it right.  They should start with approving the Keystone Pipeline.  Of course, we are still counting the days until January 20, 2017 when Emperor Obama is out of office to really change course and get our country back on the right track.     

Friday, November 28, 2014

Obamanista Regulations Killing Jobs

By the end of 2014, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his minions will add more than 4,000 regulations to the thousands already on the books that are destroying jobs in America.   These regulations impact all aspects of daily life and actually represent a tax on business and the American people.  In fact, federal regulations add between $20,000 and $35,000 in cost to every manufacturing job in the US, which is the reason most otherwise good paying manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas.  And, they wonder why the Middle Class is losing ground in the United States.  Further, business just passes along the cost of regulations to the consumer.   So all of us that buy goods and services in the United States are paying about $15,000 a year per household more for those goods and services than would otherwise be the case, if many of these regulations were gone. 

Look everybody wants safe food and water.  There is a place for common sense regulations in our society; but we are now getting to Stupid in America.  There is never a cost benefit analysis as these regulations are devised by nameless bureaucrats seeking to control our lives.   As a Common Sense Conservative, I say that every President once elected should have his or her minions review all regulations in the first year of office to determine those that make sense and to strike down by Executive Order, since these are all implemented by Executive Order, those that make no sense and those that are killing jobs. 

We now have structural unemployment and an under class in America.   There are probably about 10 million Americans that have just given up looking for work altogether.   Almost 50 million Americans are now on Welfare and Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was elected.  There are also about 10 million Americans on Disability Benefits, up 2 million since Obama was elected.  While many of these people are doing so fraudulently, some of them are collecting Disability Benefits, for one excuse or another, because they are too young to get Social Security and their unemployment benefits have run out.   Disability Benefits come right out of the Social Security Trust Fund, which is already headed toward insolvency. 

Obamanistas keep killing jobs with all these regulations.   These Socialists just don't care.  They have destroyed the lumber industry in Oregon to protect the spotted owl.   Obamanistas are destroying the coal industry in coal country and further continue to attack all carbon based fuels.  The American people are suffering a lower standard of living because of all these crazy regulations.   It is time for all of us to stand up and say ENOUGH.   We have to fight for jobs in America by electing Common Sense Conservatives that will push back the 100 years of Socialist Creep that is bankrupting our country and destroying jobs.  The time has come to stand up and JUST SAY NO to more stupid regulations designed to control every aspect of daily life. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving - There Is Hope

While the majority of Americans believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction and we are disgusted by all the waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy, failures, scandals and corruption that exists in our government, we still have many reasons to give Thanks On Thanksgiving.  And, though we still have to work very hard to push back the 100 years of Socialist Creep that is bankrupting our country, to once again establish limited government, lower taxes and less regulations to get the government out of our everyday existence,  we can still be thankful that we live in America rather than any other place on earth.

Every once in a while we see something that gives us hope that all is not lost.  In the past few days as Blacks in St. Louis were rioting, looting and committing arson in response to the Grand Jury ruling that Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in the line of duty, one occurrence caught on video was that glimmer of hope.  As about 100 Black kids broke into the family owned Ferguson Market, in order to loot it, the very same market that Michael Brown and his buddy robbed just minutes before the interaction with Officer Wilson and the same market that was looted last August when the killing occurred, a young Black woman went into the store to put out the fire that an arsonist had started.  She used gallons of milk from the market refrigerators as the nearest liquid to put out the fire.  She apparently was determined that the market that she shopped at frequently was not going to be burned to the ground.  This young Black woman is a hero; but more importantly, her parents taught her the values of right from wrong.  In this case, good prevailed over evil and that gives me hope that America is not lost. 

And then, Socialist Senator Chuck Schumer of New York went on TV to tell the American people that the Democrats made a big mistake when they enacted ObamaCare instead of focusing on the economy.   Schumer admitted that they should have focused on the 15% of Americans without medical insurance and enacted some reforms to impact all Americans; but not tampered with medical insurance for the 85% of Americans that were perfectly happy with their medical plans.  Of course, Schumer's admonition is really just political in nature because he finally recognized that creating this huge redistribution of income Socialist Scheme cost Socialists both the Senate and the House of Representatives.   Schumer essentially admitted that when they enacted ObamaCare, without a single Republican vote, that it was at the expense of young people, the Middle Class and Senior Citizens.  All the lies about ObamaCare are finally recognized; though this Blogger and anyone with a brain has been saying these things since this monstrosity became law.  Now that the truth has seen the light of day, there is hope that ObamaCare will be repealed and replaced by real health care reform.  

Most important, even though our country is going in the wrong direction in so many ways, the American people have it right.  We support many worthy charities and causes that intervene to change life's.   We fight for the unborn because we know that a culture that condones infanticide is evil.  We cling to our faith, families and guns because we also understand that these are the foundation of our freedom.  Every year on Thanksgiving we give thanks for the bounty that God has provided our nation.   At the same time, we recognize that freedom is not free.  Millions of Americans, since our nation's founding have sacrificed blood and treasure to protect our freedoms and to make America the greatest country in the history of the world.  And to them especially on Thanksgiving, we should all say Thank You. 


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Obama Continues To Divide Our Nation

Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his minions, especially Liar Attorney General Eric Holder and the Gestapos at the EPA and IRS continue to divide our nation by race, belief systems, gender and class.   It is purposeful and in keeping with Obama's Plan to transform our nation.   Obama and Holder are just as responsible for the riots, looting and arson happening on the streets of St. Louis as the rioters themselves.  This is the case because Obama and Holder keep telling Blacks in America that they are Victims of racism and a White Society that oppresses them.  Forget about the truth and all the problems in the Black Community that are self imposed because we all know that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their "enemies" and history teachers us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  

And, there should be no doubt that this is about Socialists staying in power by keeping their PEEP's subjugated by creating a perceived enemy; in this case the police in America that are patrolling communities where Black on Black crime is resulting in the deaths of thousands of young Black men and others every year.  Obama and Holder do not care if their words and deeds result in riots on our streets.  It is part of the Obama and Saul Alinsky, Communist Scheme to transform our nation by taking from those who work and are productive and giving to those on the dole, in one form or another.   After all, as one of many examples, ObamaCare is not about health care.   It is nothing more than another Socialist Scheme to redistribute income. 

And in giving Amnesty and legal status to more than 5 million Illegal Aliens, Obama makes them eligible for all the Welfare Programs in our country.  It is estimated that it will cost the American people about $40 Billion a year once legal status allows these Illegal Aliens to access all these programs.   Most important, by using an Executive Order to grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens, Obama further divides our country, since most Americans oppose his actions.  Obama is a divider not a uniter and it is all by design.  Obama's uses discord to amass more power as a dictator to "transform" our nation into a big government Socialist country.  None of this is by accident.      

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blacks In America - Stop Being Victims

A Grand Jury in St. Louis, composed of 12 men and woman, including both Blacks and Whites, after reviewing all the evidence and forensics, found that Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in the line of duty.  Apparently,  Michael Brown, an 18 year old, large man/kid, robbed a convenience store with his buddy just minutes before the encounter with Officer Wilson.  Wilson was aware of the robbery as he saw Brown and his buddy on the street fitting the description of the robbers.  As such, Officer Wilson had probable cause to stop both of them.  When Wilson did stop them as they were walking down the middle of the street, Brown proceeded to attack Wilson, hitting him many times, which caused bruises to Wilson's face and neck.  Most important, once out of his car, Wilson ordered Brown to stop running and get down on the ground.  Instead, evidence shows that Brown charged the police officer.  After firing several shots that did not stop Brown, Officer Wilson, fearing for his own life, fired the fatal shots that killed Michael Brown.  These are the facts that caused the Grand Jury not to issue an indictment of Officer Darren Wilson. 

Of course, Blacks on the streets of St. Louis and other cities in the US, organized by Poverty Pimps that make a living off the misery of the poor, that are protesting, rioting, looting and committing arson refuse to accept the facts because they are constantly told that they are Victims of racism and a White society that continues to oppress them.   While there may still be some racism in America, it is not the source of Black Poverty.  Until Inner City Blacks stop being Victims and take responsibility for their plight, they will continue to experience misery, poverty and deaths on their streets. 

The reality is that very few Americans of any color are shot and killed by police officers every year.  While every death is a tragedy and some may be needless, it is Black on Black crime that kills thousands of young Blacks every year.  Where is the outrage in the Black community about those murders.   Why aren't Blacks protesting in the streets and doing everything they can to get the gang  bangers off their streets that are committing these murders.  The police are in inner city communities because of  high crime rates committed by Blacks, in particular.  Blacks are often stopped by the police, while just hanging around on street corners, in an attempt to stop the murders happening in Black communities.  Ironically, if the police just abandoned the inner cities of our country, there would be even more murders caused by Black on Black crime.  Frankly, it is hard to understand why any White Man or Woman would want to be a cop in the inner city when Mob Justice seems to be the reaction from the Black community, regardless of the facts.  The phrase No Peace Without Justice should be No Peace Without Taking Personal Responsibility.   

And, the biggest crime against Blacks in our inner cities are our failed public schools.   While rich Socialists, including Emperor Pinocchio Obama, can and do send their kids to private schools because the public schools in Washington DC are terrible, inner city poor parents don't have that option.   Socialists in office, supported by Teacher Unions, oppose School Choice, which would allow poor parents the option of getting their kids out of failed public schools into better and safer private schools.  Inner city poverty will never be alleviated, no matter how much government money is spent to keep people on the dole, unless poor kids have access to a quality education.   We have to stop worrying about public school teachers and start worrying about the poor minority kids that often suffer them.

In addition, 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock into poverty.  That is nearly double the rate of White babies born out of wedlock.  Fathers are often no where to be found in inner city Black communities.  It is hard enough to raise children in a loving in tact two parent family; let alone when a single mom on Welfare attempts to do so.  Men who father these children must be held accountable and either made to support them, or if a multiple offender, put in jail.  In addition, the workings of Welfare have destroyed the Black family.

Finally, Emperor Pinocchio Obama and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder have divided our nation by their Class Warfare arguments and emphasis that portrays Blacks in America as Victims.  While Blacks are Victims of government, they are not Victims of society.  Since Obama and Holder are successful Blacks themselves, rather than perpetuating the Victim ideology, they should be telling Blacks to take personal responsibility for their communities and most important for themselves. It is time for Black leaders in America, in particular, to practice tough love, rather than acting as Poverty Pimps, feeding off the misery of the poor.   Until the truth be told concerning all the issues described above, there will be many more deaths in Black communities.  Sadly, it is what it is.            

Monday, November 24, 2014

Nuclear Negotiations With Iran Fail - Surprise, Surprise

Negotiations with Iran to end development of nuclear weapons have failed.  What a surprise!  The deadline date for a deal came and went.   Socialist Emperor Pinnochio Obama and brie eating, kept man, Secretary of State John Kerry have agreed to extend the talks until next July to "get a deal".   It is pretty obvious that our President and Secretary of State continue to get worked by Iran.  The Ayatollah that runs Iran has stated in tweets no less that he has no intention of giving up their quest to build nuclear weapons.  Giving Iran several more months to make their nuclear weapons a fait accompli reality, which will be the end result of this extension, is about as dumb as it gets. 

The only hope we have of forcing an end to Iran's nuclear program, short of using our military to destroy it, are intense sanctions that destroy their economy.  As such, when the new Republican controlled Congress convenes in January, they should immediately end the freeze on sanctions and impose even more.  Obamanistas can protest publicly and blame the Congress for doing this; but it would give them the hammer they need to actually get a deal.  This is the only hope we have of getting rid of Iran's nukes peacefully.

And, unless the US is prepared to help Israel take military action and or we are willing to take military action to end Iran's nuclear program, then Containment is the only other option because they will not otherwise give up their nuclear program.   That means giving the Israeli's nuclear submarines armed with their own nuclear weapons as a deterent.   We should also encourage the Saudi's to develop nuclear weapons as a counter weight to Iran in the region.  At the same time, we must encircle Iran with missile defense and make it clear that any missile fired from Iran aimed at any of our allies would be considered an attack on the United States requiring a full retaliatory response.   This is the same language that President Kennedy used in the Cuban Missile Crisis against the old Soviet Union.   What other choices would we have if we allow Iran to develop and maintain nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.   This is just one more example of Obama's feckless and incompetent foreign policy that endangers our nation.    

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hillary Clinton - Running For Obama's Third Term

Hillary Clinton will be running for Obama's Third Term, whether she likes it or not.  And, the Socialist Party of America, as shaped by Obama, is not the old Clinton Democrat Party, especially after the last two elections.   What is left of the old Democrat Party is now more left wing than ever.  There are no Blue Dog Democrats, particularly in the South and other parts of the country left, except for perhaps Senator Joe Manchin in West Virginia, who this Blogger is convinced will switch parties and soon.  Manchin, coming from coal country, where Republicans have been elected to both the Senate and Governor's office has no place in the Socialist Party.  Clinton will be challenged in the primary by someone to the left of her.   Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is not just a Socialist, she may be a Communist; though there really is little difference.  Senator Dirty Harry Reid, who surprisingly will be the Minority Leader of the Socialist Party come next January, just elevated Warren to the Socialist leadership in the Senate.  This is a signal to the Left wing of the party that they are firmly in control. 

None of this is good for Hillary Clinton because she will have to move further left to win the nomination in 2016, which will make it harder to win the Presidency if she gets the nomination.   Clinton just did so by endorsing Emperor Obama's Executive Order to give Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens, which is opposed by the majority of the American people.  However, Hillary Clinton has no choice but to run for Obama's Third Term because the base of the Socialist Party is now so left wing that she can't win without them.  The problem is going to be that she can't win with them either because they now represent a Minority of the American People. 

The United States is a Center Right County as evidenced by the last election.  The Socialist Party of America now represents radical feminists and environmentalists, trail lawyers, big unions, people on the dole and Crony Capitalists.  The Socialist Party is the party that supports unlimited abortion, though most Americans are pro life.  The Socialist Party will not secure our border.  The Socialist Party is the party of ObamaCare that has been a train wreck for most Americans.  The Socialist Party is bankrupting our country, with help from RINOS, over the years.  Unfortunately for the Socialists and Hillary Clinton, the majority of the American people support limited government, lower taxes, less regulations, securing our border, opposition to unlimited abortion, a strong national defense and protection of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment freedoms of speech, religion, gun rights and freedom from illegal searches and seizures.  These are all things that left wing Socialists oppose. 

The further Hillary Clinton moves to the left to appease the base of the Socialist Party, the further away she moves from the majority of the American people.   If Hilly is nominated, be assured she is not going to be elected to serve Obama's third term.  Obama's unpopularity will be a weight around Hillary Clinton's neck, or anybody else who gets the Socialist Party nomination for President.  And in addition, if Obama keeps acting like the Emperor of the United States, implementing lawless Executive Orders, it will be even worse for the Socialists running in 2016 that will have to defend his actions. 

Emperor Obama Transforming Our Nation

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama previously told us more than 20 times that he did not have the authority, as President, to give Amnesty to millions of Illegal Aliens.  Obama, the Constitutional Law Professor was right when he made those pronouncements.  That was when Obama was President of the United States.   With the Executive Order that Obama recently implemented, ignoring the Constitution and the laws of the land, which does in fact give Amnesty to perhaps 5 million or more Illegal Aliens, without an act of Congress as required by our Constitution, Obama has become the Emperor of the United States. 

And, if Obama gets away with this lawless action, what is next during his last two years in office as Obama becomes a lawless dictator.  Many do not realize that Adolf Hitler was elected to Chancellor of Germany.  Hitler then used the burning of the Reichstag building, their capitol building, which many believe was actually done by the Nazi's, as the excuse to take Dictatorial Power.   So now, any time the Congress will not act to "transform" our nation in accordance with Obama's Socialist Schemes,  Obama will go it alone and just make the laws of the land by Executive Order.  

Clearly, if Obama was a Republican of any color, there would be calls for his Impeachment, not just for this particular Unconstitutional action related to Illegal Aliens; but for all the cover up's and Scandals related to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, NSA spying on all Americans etc, etc.   Obama has been the most lawless President in American history making Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.  But Impeachment will not happen because Obama as a Socialist is both supported by the lame stream left wing media and our first Black President.  As such, Congress will take no action to Impeach Obama and he knows it. 

The ends always justify the means for Socialists that will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  We have seen this adage in action during Obama's first six years in office.  As such, Obama's last two years in office will be particularly dangerous for the American people because Obama is now emboldened to do just about anything he wants because he knows there is little that will be done to stop him.  Court cases that will be filed take years to make it through the court system, so while they should still be filed, they will not stop Obama in the short run, which is why Obama is such a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced. 

Worst of all, when Obama gives legal status and Social Security Cards to 5 million Illegal Aliens, he will be hurting the very people he always professes to represent, the poor in America that are American citizens.  These Illegal Aliens, willing to work for minimum wage, will drive down wages contributing to the income inequality that Socialists are always talking about in their class warfare arguments.   So just as Obamanomics has hurt the poor and Middle Class the most, giving Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens is just more government policy that will make matters worse for Americans struggling to make ends meet.   This is why Republicans won in the last election all over the country.   The American people are finally seeing Socialists for the Job Killers that they are in spite of the lame stream, left wing media's propaganda.     

Friday, November 21, 2014

Republican Candidates For President In 2016

There will be no shortage of Republican Candidates for President in 2016.   They will range from RINOS to real Conservatives, from old heads to newcomers.   There will be some really strong Candidates to choose from that could beat old news Hillary Clinton.   However, the Conservative base of the Republican Party will expect a Conservative to be on the top of the ticket that supports Free Market Capitalism, Limited Constitutional Government, Lower Taxes and Less Regulations, a Strong National Defense,  Protection of 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights related to Freedom of Speech, Religion and Expression, Gun Rights and protection from illegal search and seizures.   Conservatives are also pro-life.  We want to see ObamaCare repealed and replaced with real health care reform.  And, it is time for Immigration Reform.  

Most important, if the Republican Party nominates another Establishment Country Club Republican, Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.  This Blogger supports Governor John Kasich of Ohio and either Senators Marco Rubio from Florida, or Ted Cruz from Texas as the dream team.   Kasich's father was a mail man.  Both Rubio and Cruz come from Hispanic Blue Collar roots.   John Kasich has the experience to be President of the United States, since he has both served in Congress and will have been Governor for two terms.  Most important, he was resoundingly reelected in Ohio with 65% of the vote.  No Republican President has won election in the last 100 years without carrying the state of Ohio.  And, don't forget about Florida and the hanging chads.  In addition, outreach to Hispanics would enhance our ticket. 

Hopefully, the Republican Party will nominate a Common Sense Conservative with the courage to tell it like it is.   The United States is headed toward bankruptcy.   We need a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment to stop all the deficit spending that to date has resulted in an $18 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.   We need a Congressional Term Limits Amendment, as well, to help end the corruption in Washington DC.  A go along to get along Republican will not fire up the base of the Republican Party.   If Republicans want to win in 2016, the Party better follow this Blogger's advice. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Keystone Pipeline - Socialists Kill It For Now

Socialist Senator Mary Landrieu, running for reelection in a run off scheduled for December, risked her political life by pushing for a Congressional vote on the Keystone Pipe Line.  Her opponent, Republican Congressman Bill Kassidy made it happen in the House of Representatives, when he sponsored the same Bill.  Landrieu fell one vote short of the 60 majority needed to get it done in the Senate; even though 14 Socialists voted with all 45 Republicans in favor of Keystone.  The reality is that Socialist President Pinocchio Obama vowed to veto the bill if it passed anyway.

To be clear, building the Keystone Pipeline would have created about 44,000 American jobs.   Not building it is a job killer.  But even if the jobs were discounted, the reality is that it would have been better for the environment; not worse because as of now this oil from Canada is being transported by Warren Buffet's railroad, Burlington Northern and by truck.  So the oil is getting to the refineries on the Gulf Coast; but at much worse environmental impact in terms of carbon emissions.   However, this is all common sense; which Socialists seem to lack. 

Obama and his environmental wacko supporters apparently think that if they stop the Keystone Pipeline from being built, that this oil will not get to market.  That is ridiculous.  Further, it is not just transporting Canadian oil, this pipeline would be used to transport American oil being pumped in North Dakota and Montana.  The Keystone Pipeline is good for America.   It would assist in making the United States energy independent so that we can pull back from our involvement in the Middle East.  That makes Keystone a National Security issue.   The good news is that once Republicans get complete control of Congress in January, they may be able to enact Keystone with a Veto Proof majority.  If that happens, they can tell Obama to pound sand. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Terrorism In Israel & The World

Two Palestinian Terrorists, supposedly lone wolfs, used guns, knives and axes to murder 5 Jews, three of whom where Americans, praying in a Synagogue in Jerusalem.  These grisly, heinous murders were condemned by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas; but his partners, Hamas in the Gaza Strip are handing out candy celebrating these murders.   Once and for all the Terrorists we face in the world that include Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Queda and ISIS are all one in the same.   It does not matter what they are called.  They are all Islamic Fascists that murder in the name of God. however it is not God they worship; but rather the devil himself.   Western countries are facing real evil around the world.   And, it does not matter if these murders happen in Israel, or any other country, the enemy is the same.

We have entered a new phase of Terrorism with the beheadings that are happening.  It is not bad enough that these Islamic Fascists, seeking to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond, taking these countries back 700 years, they now are interpreting the Koran to commit the beheadings of "infidels", which is everyone that will not adhere to their fanatic teachings.  It is time for Western and sane Muslim leaders to come together to fight these Islamic Fascists, will all the force we can muster, by hunting them down  all over the world and either arresting or killing them.  What other option do we have.   And, forget about the two state solution for Israel.  It is not going to happen. 

It is not certain that Socialist President Pinocchio Obama gets any of this.   Obama will often not use the world Terrorist and Islam in the same sentence, when in fact it is Islamic Fascism that these Terrorists seek to impose on the world even if it means killing other Muslims, Christian, Jews and anybody else.  It it what it is.   It is time for Obama to organize a world wide fight to stop these fanatics.  It is kill them, or they will kill us. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Jonathan Gruber - Now The Socialists Have Amnesia

Jonathan Gruber, the architect of ObamaCare, was paid more than $2,000,000 by the federal government and various states to consult on the construction of ObamaCare.   Gruber actually met with Obama in the Oval Office.   Minority Leader of the House Congresswoman Nancy Dizzy Pelosi referenced Gruber's work in a 2009 video as cost justification for ObamaCare.   Funny, now all the Socialists, including Obama and Pelosi claim they never met Gruber.  They are suffering from amnesia.  The only problem with their assertions are both the videos that say otherwise and the White House Log showing all the Gruber visits to the White House. 

Honestly, but wait a minute Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, borrow, go after their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough, so the word "honestly" never applies.  Gruber has said in various speeches, captured on videos, that ObamaCare was predicated on LIES.   Those of us that are political junkie's have been saying this since the very beginning of this train wreck; but now to have it confirmed by the architect of ObamaCare is just validation of the truth.   ObamaCare is not about health care, or even health insurance.   With 20 new taxes imposed on those of us that pay taxes, ObamaCare is nothing more than a gigantic redistribution of income Socialist Scheme.   It was never about health care for the uninsured. 

In this case, the Socialists used health care as the method to their madness to raise taxes and redistribute income.  They are doing the same thing with climate change and Obama's newest Scheme to regulate the Internet.  More regulations always means more taxes on the American people.   ObamaCare is just a blatant example of Socialist Shenanigans.   

Obama - Regulating the Internet

All Americans should be opposed to Socialist President Pinnochio Obama's scheme to use the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) to regulate the Internet.  First of all, the word "regulate" always translates to "tax", since anything the government regulates, it usually taxes in one way or another.  Taxes are always passed on to consumers, so the American people would be paying these new taxes.   In addition, Socialists always use regulations to limit our freedoms.  In this case, our First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech would no doubt be limited in the name of hate speech because those of us who are not "politically correct" would be silenced by what will become the FCC Gestapo, just wait and see. 

This Blogger, among many would be targeted for sure, since I am very vocally opposed to all Socialist Schemes that are destroying our country.   I often refuse to use "politically correct" words.  So, I refer to Illegal Aliens, rather than Undocumented Workers; because those that enter our country illegally are Illegal Aliens.   While I support Civil Unions for Gays, I will not use the word "marriage", which should be reserved for the relationship between a man and a woman.   I call Environmental Radicals, Wackos, a word Rush Limbaugh often uses because these Radicals are so extreme that they really are Wackos with no common sense.  I speak of unrestricted abortion as infanticide because it is the killing of an innocent baby.  I support gun rights, which Socialists oppose.  Even my calling Obama Pinnochio and a LIAR, which he clearly is, could be subject to censor. 

Remember, Socialists will regulate, lie, cheat, extort, borrow, steal, tax and history teacher us ever murder to silence their critics.  Obama hates the criticism of his failed Presidency.   Obama obviously could care less about the Constitution, as Socialist continue to do everything they can to limit our Freedoms as expressed in the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments in the Bill of Rights.  The last thing we should allow is Obamanistas regulating the Internet because they would move quickly to limit our Freedoms and silence their perceived "enemies".  Let there by no doubt that this is Obama's real intention. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

US Nuclear Arsenal - In Dangerous Disrepair

Just as other countries are building nuclear weapons to threaten the United States and our allies, we learn now that the US Nuclear Arsenal is in a state of dangerous disrepair under Obama's watch   Equipment is old and poorly maintained.  Though we have out of date missiles and submarines that carry nuclear weapons, we are still relying on B-52 Bombers that are more than 50 years old to carry nuclear weapons to the enemy.  What is most unbelievable is that it was recently revealed that there is only one wrench available in the entire United States that is used to attach nuclear warheads to nuclear missiles.   The Defense Department has been sending that wrench by over night mail to the various nuclear bases around the country to make this happen. 

The United States spends billions of dollars every year on our National Defense; yet there is only one wrench in the entire country needed to attach nuclear weapons to nuclear missiles.  Is anybody minding the store.   It is no secret that President Pinocchio Obama is opposed to nuclear weapons, which is probably the reason so little has been done in the last six years to update our nuclear arsenal.  Things are so bad, however, that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has pledged action to restore our nuclear capability.  With the Socialist cuts in defense spending that have been happening since Obama was elected, it is doubtful that the money is there to properly protect our nation.

Socialist prefer instead to increase spending on Welfare, Food Stamps, Free Cell Phones and ObamaCare and other benefits going to their PEEP's along with subsidies to support Green Technology boondoggles than to properly fund our military to defend our nation.  There is no doubt that Obama and all his Socialist pals in government are a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.   This unilateral disarmament, by failing to maintain our nuclear arsenal, is just one more dangerous example. 

Obama & The Seperation of Powers

Our Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they created the Separation of Powers in the US Constitution.  They had recently fought a Revolutionary War to end the power of the King as an absolute monarch.  So, they created the three branches of government; the Legislative, the Judiciary and the Executive that were supposed to serve as Checks and Balances to prevent any one branch from usurping power, or taking dictatorial power.   Clearly, the Legislative Branch was the base of the government, as most Representative of the people, as the place where laws are enacted.  The Legislative Branch also had the Power of the Purse to deal with government spending.  The President as the Executive Branch was supposed to enforce the laws enacted by Congress, not make up new laws by Executive Order.  Nor was the President permitted to ignore laws on the books as Obama is now doing.  The Judiciary is there as the referee between the Executive and Legislative branches and presumably to interpret the laws enacted by Congress when there is controversy. 

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, who taught Constitutional Law, apparently does not understand any of this.  The Senate enacted an Immigration Reform Bill in 2014 that went no where in the House of Representatives, the People's House.  Obama now says that because Republicans in the House chose not to act on that particular bill, because it was flawed, that now he must issue an Executive Order to give Amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens.  That is not how it works.  Laws are enacted by the Congress not the President.  Should the Congress choose to act, or not act, does not give the President the right to make laws anyway just because they will not give him the laws he wants. 

Shortly, Obama will issue an Unconstitutional Executive Order to give Amnesty to as many as 5 million illegal aliens.   This will cause a Constitutional Crisis and poison the well in Washington DC.   No doubt, there will be legal challenges to this action that will go all the way to the Supreme Court, which will hold these people in limbo.  Congress is likely to deny funding to the President to implement this Executive Order, which is entirely within their purview.   Even liberal legal scholars, like Jonathan Turley, who teaches at George Washington University Law School, believes the President's actions are threatening our democracy.  It does not matter whether Americans support Immigration Reform, or oppose it, we should all oppose Obama's dictatorial powers.  This Blogger has been saying for six years that Obama is a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.  We will see this very clearly in the last two years of Obama's Administration as he seeks to "transform" our nation by taking dictatorial powers.    

Friday, November 14, 2014

Obama's Stupid Deal With China

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is determined to destroy jobs in the Coal, Natural Gas and Oil industries in the US and to lower the standard of living for all Americans.   Obama has done a deal with China in which he has agreed to lower carbon emissions in the United States by Executive Order in the next ten years, in exchange for a quasi-promise that China will do the same by 2030.   China has said that they MAY lower carbon emissions, not that they MUST lower carbon emissions by 2030.   China's position is that they are a developing country and that as result they should not have to conform to the lower emission standards that Obama is imposing on the US. 

This deal is about as Stupid as it gets.   This Blogger has been to China many times.   The pollution in Beijing is ten times worse than anything I ever experienced growing up in Los Angeles 50 years ago when smog was really bad in LA.  That was before catalytic converters and all the measures taken in California to control carbon emissions.  The United States today has done a great job controlling carbon emissions; however, Obama is determined to impose standards that are either impossible to meet and that will significantly raise the cost of energy for all Americans, while killing jobs. 

Most important, there is nothing we can do in the United States, that we are not already doing, to control carbon emissions that would impact the environment in a meaningful way, if China and India in particular do not do the same.  The pollution they are putting into the environment is so significant that both Europe and the United States cannot offset it even with higher standards.  China and India claim that they are entitled to pollute the environment in order to become a modern industrial economy, the same way the US and Europe did in the 19th and 20th centuries.   The only problem with this argument is that there is no comparison.  Whatever carbon emissions were released in the 19th and 20th centuries by Europe and the US were minuscule compared to what China and India are doing today. 

Obama is a smart stupid man.  His deal with China is about as dumb as it gets.  Obama has agreed to limit the growth of the US economy, killing jobs in the process and lowering the standard of living of the American people getting nothing meaningful in return from China.  The only thing good about this deal is that it is not a Treaty ratified by the US Senate.  The next President can strike it down with the stroke of a pen, since it is just an Executive Order.  All we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 when Obama, the job killer is out of office.      

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The New Cold War With Russia

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama apparently never took and passed International Relations 325.  Had Obama taken this Political Science course, he might have a better idea related to his role as Commander and Chief to protect the Vital Interests of the United States.   Obama does not understand the concept of "Peace Through Strength" properly advanced by most other Presidents, even some Socialists and in particular by Ronald Reagan, who ultimately brought down the Soviet Union and Communism to end the Cold War.  Today as a result of Obama's feckless foreign policy and weakness on all fronts, we face a new Cold War with Russia, except seemingly Obama does not even realize it is happening. 

Russian Quasi Dictator Vladamir Putin is intent on rebuilding the boundaries of the old Soviet Union.  Putin has called the break up of the Soviet Union the biggest tragedy in modern times.  Putin has already violated treaties taking over the Crimea and supporting Rebels in the Ukraine to take over part, or all of the Ukraine, which is his real objective.  Obama's and Europe's weak sanctions have done nothing to deter Putin.  Russia is an economic basket case.  Putin is using Nationalism to maintain his popularity because without high oil and gas prices, which are falling, Russia has nothing to sell the rest of the world except maybe vodka, Maruska dolls and outdated military equipment.

Most important, Putin has ordered their nuclear capable bombers to fly along our borders once again.  Though this is not much of a real threat, there is symbolism in the expansion of Russian power.  This has not taken place since the fall of the Soviet Union.  Obama has chosen to ignore this threat.  Instead, Obama should immediately install the missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic that he stopped during the first year of his Presidency to "reboot" the relationship with Russia without getting anything in return.  What a dummy!!    Instead, Obama is in China talking about Climate Change, negotiating a meaningless deal, that will destroy the coal industry in America.   Again, what a dummy!!   

We are now in a new Cold War with Russia and China is not exactly our friend either.  However, Obama is too naive and incompetent to even understand what is going on in the world.  Vladamir Putin is a trouble maker that must be confronted.  The way to confront Putin is not to go to war; but to put NATO troops, tanks and missiles in those countries bordering Russia to deter Putin's aggression.  All should remember that Putin was the head of the KGB, Secret Police, in the old Communist Soviet Union.  Putin is taking Russia back to the bad old days in the name of Nationalism.  The Russian people support regaining their place in the world even if it means poverty for them.  This is a road backwards and to no where; but apparently Russians prefer their old status as a world power, even if it makes them poorer, to integration with Europe and prosperity.  Go figure. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ObamaCare Architect Admits To Lies & Deceit

MIT Economist, Jonathan Gruber, considered the architect of ObamaCare, admitted during a 2013 panel discussion that Obamanistas lied about the cost of ObamaCare and the 20 new taxes in the bill to hide the true cost of the program.  Gruber said they had to do it because of the "Stupidity of the American Voter".  Even though ObamaCare will impose a Trillion Dollars in new taxes on the American people in the next ten years, if not repealed sooner, it will not be enough to cover the cost of this monstrosity and the national disaster that is ObamaCare.  It was all smoke and mirrors and the Socialists that will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough, knew it when they voted in the middle of the night to pass ObamaCare, without actually reading the law. 

The Supreme Court has another chance to get it right as they face another case that could ultimately destroy ObamaCare if they rule properly.  This case involves the language concerning subsidies that only allows the federal government to provide subsidies for Americans getting ObamaCare through State Exchanges.  Since initially only 17 States and the District of Columbia actually set up Exchanges, the other 33 States are being operated off the Federal Exchange.  Some of the original 17 States are giving up and moving to the Federal Exchange, as well.  The IRS has ruled that the subsidies still apply even though the law says otherwise.  If the Supreme Court interprets the law, as written, the subsidies will stop in the 33 or more states, which will bring down the entire system.  Let us hope that common sense prevails.  Maybe this time, Chief Justice John Roberts will get it right. 

Newly elected Republicans must do everything they can to repeal and replace ObamaCare.   It may not be completely possible as long as Pinocchio Obama is President; but they can hack away at the most egregious provisions like the employer mandate and many of the 20 new taxes in the law.  Even some Socialists in Congress are likely to go along with changes to "improve" the law until it can be repealed and replaced. 

This Blogger refers to Obama as Pinocchio because he is a LIAR.  Obama lied about ObamaCare when he told the American people that we could keep our doctors and medical plans and that the cost of medical premiums would go down.  Obama knew very well that this was all a Big Lie.  Now that we see Jonathan Gruber, the chief architect of ObamaCare, on video, admitting to all the lies, we have confirmation of what we already knew.   ObamaCare was built on a mountain of Socialist LIES.    

Monday, November 10, 2014

Veterans Affairs - Firing Crooked Employees - Just Maybe

Secretary Robert McDonald, in charge of the Veterans Affairs Department, has announced that he may fire about 40 people at the VA and discipline as many as 1,000 others for cooking the books, committing fraud, to get higher bonuses; Maybe.  All if this needs to go before an Administrative Judge to determine if McDonald can take these actions.  Of course, as government union employees, they are entitled to appeal any disciplinary action.  You can bet, very few will actually be FIRED when the dust settles; but it all sounds good.  The reality is that many of them not only should be FIRED, they should be going to jail; but that is not likely because it would require Obamanistas at the Justice Department to prosecute them and that is not going to happen. 

More important, in the same announcement, MacDonald stated that they need to hire 28,000 more employees adding to the 315,000 that already work at the VA to provide medical care for VETS.   This is probably possible because Congress voted nearly unanimously to give the VA another $16.7 Billion to build 26 more VA hospitals around the country.  While this is great pork barrel spending, it is completely unnecessary.  The Veterans Affairs Medical System should have been sold off and privatized.  Veterans could have been given the equivalent of Medicare Advantage, an HMO at government expense and allowed to go to any doctor or hospital of their choice.  Since there are many ways for VETS to access medical services, including through an employer's insurance, if over 65 on Medicare, through ObamaCare with subsidies and if poor, through Medicaid, the VA system is just one more government overlay that is unnecessary.

Yet both Socialists and Republicans continue to throw more money at this agency that has failed Veterans so badly.  Failure is always rewarded in government with more money instead of new ideas.  This redundancy in government programs continues to add to our $18 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.  We need bold new ideas to stop the bleeding and to avoid the bankruptcy of the United States.  At the moment, those new ideas are not coming from either political party.  I guess it will not happen until we have the financial collapse of the United States, which will cause civil strife on our streets and potentially the dissolution of the United States.   Don't think it can't happen in our nation because it has happened many times in other countries throughout history. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Case Against Higher Taxes

This Blogger is a Common Sense Conservative, not a Libertarian and certainly not an Anarchist against all government.  I am against bigger government and higher taxes because both are job killers.  Local, State and the Federal Government today represent about 40% of our Gross Domestic Product.  That is, of our $15 Trillion annual economy, total government spending is about $6 Trillion in purchases for goods, services and all sorts of benefits going to the American people.   This is possible because government confiscates all sorts of taxes and other fees from both personal and corporate taxpayers along with borrowing Trillions of dollars each year to feed the beast.  When government takes money from each of us and or from companies, we have less money to spend on purchases, or investments.   This means that as the government gets bigger, we as individuals, or as companies are worse off.

This is the reason the Middle Class in America continues to see erosion in purchasing power and job loss.  Government is an inefficient user of our resources.   We would spend our money more wisely.  There is tremendous waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government spending.  As one of many examples, even though we spend more money on public education than any other industrialized country in the world, often achieving poor results, teacher unions push for more money going to our schools, which really means to their members, even if it means higher taxes.   There is never a discussion about cutting the layers of bureaucracy that starts with the Federal Department of Education, the State Departments of Education and the County Departments of Education, preventing any of these monies for these expenses from getting to local School Boards and the classroom.  It is this layering that is bankrupting our country, even with high taxes, because it exists at virtually every level and department of government.

As such, this Blogger always opposes new taxes and raising existing taxes and fees, no matter how worthy the cause, or argument because it just feeds the beast, rather than causing real reform to take place to squeeze out the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy.  Businesses have to cut expenses when faced with less revenues, or they would go out of business.  That just never happens in government.   Socialists, in particular and RINO's see a cut in expenses as just less of an increase in spending.  That is ridiculous.  Worst of all, failure is always rewarded with more money.  The recent Veterans Affairs Scandal is a prime example.  Rather than prosecute the crooks at the VA that cooked the books to fraudulently get higher bonuses and privatizing medical care for VETS, the Congress, including all Socialists and nearly all Republicans voted to give the VA $16.7 Billion more dollars to build 26 more hospitals.  So, the reward for failure is an even bigger budget and bigger government.   This is just crazy. 

This Blogger will never support higher taxes and government fees until there is a serious effort to end waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government.  Since this is not likely to happen any time soon, no matter which party is in power, it means I will always be against tax and fee increases of any kind.   Allowing the government beast to grow bigger is bad for America.       

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Obama Nominates New Attorney General To Replace Liar Holder

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has nominated 55 year old US Attorney Loretta Lynch, currently serving in New York City, to serve as Attorney General replacing out going, disgraced Attorney General Liar Eric Holder.  Ms. Lynch is a Harvard graduate and apparently has years of experience as a government prosecutor dealing with corruption, as well as, Terrorists.  Lynch, who is well respected, will be the first Black woman to serve as Attorney General. There is no doubt that after Holder, her confirmation will sail through either the lame duck Senate, or the new Republican controlled Senate next January, particularly since she has been confirmed twice before by the Senate.   As such, this is not going to be a controversial appointment. 

We can only hope that Loretta Lynch is not another political operative and that she will in fact serve as the Attorney General of the United States, not the President's personal lawyer in business to avoid prosecution of Obamanista Crooks and Liars working in various government departments.  Given the Holder residue, Loretta Lynch is likely to face questions from Republicans during her confirmation hearing concerning all the Obama Scandals and the lack of investigation and action related to those that have committed crimes like Lois Lerner from the IRS, the crooks at the Veterans Affairs Department that committed fraud, cooking the books, to get higher bonuses, NSA spying on all Americans, the Fast and Furious debacle, selling guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel that resulted in American and Mexican deaths and all the Holder lies that followed.  It will be interesting to see how Loretta Lynch handles the grilling that is likely to come during her confirmation hearing and after concerning many of these issues that are still hot topics.  

On a side note, sitting right there upfront at the White House during the President's nomination announcement, was none other than Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton.  He was in Washington because the day before Sharpton met with Obama before Obama met with Congressional leaders as the first person to meet with the President after the November election.   Is Obama so desperate for friends and supporters that he is willing to break bread with Al Sharpton, who is a race baiter and in general a disgusting personality living and getting rich off the misery of poor Blacks.  

You can bet every time Sharpton  meets with Obama, he goes back to MSNBC, the Mindless Socialist News Broadcasting Corporation and asks for a big raise because of his access to the President.  Obama would do far better to hang around Blacks like Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and others of similar accomplishment and integrity, than be seen with the likes of Al Sharpton.  Apparently, Obama does not understand the old adage that when you lie with a dirty dog, you are going to wake up with fleas. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Obama's Amnesty For Illegal Aliens - Constitutional Crisis

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama appears likely to sign an Executive Order that will provide Amnesty and some sort of legal status for 4,000,000 - 5,000,000 Illegal Aliens.    If the President does this, it will cause a Constitutional Crisis that will end his Presidency.  Though Republicans in Congress are not likely to seek impeachment, though it would be warranted as a clear violation of our Constitution, the well will be so poisoned by this action, that it will be impossible for the Republican Congress to work with Obama to get anything done in the next two years.   Socialists may believe they need to do this to pacify their Latino PEEP's; but the damage done to our country will be enormous. 

Instead, Obama should put his big boy pants on and sit down with Republicans to hammer out Immigration Reform, done in stages, beginning with Securing the Border.   It would be possible to provide some sort of legal status for Illegal Aliens, that violated our laws when they came to America, short of a path to citizenship, while allowing their children graduating from our schools an eventual path to citizenship as a reasonable compromise.   We then should have a Guest Worker Program which would allow Mexicans to come into our country legally to do work that Americans apparently will not do.  But Immigration Reform is bigger than just dealing with Illegal Aliens.   We should allow those from other countries that graduate from our universities to have an automatic Green Card and path to citizenship.   We should also allow those with skills we need, like doctors, nurses, engineers, scientists etc to fast track entry into our country. 

Common Sense should prevail related to Immigration Reform.  This does not need to be a political football.  Further, with all the problems we face, the last thing we need is for Obama to cause a Constitutional Crisis, which will end up being the focus of government for the next two years.   The American people are tired of incompetence and gridlock.  Obama needs to work with Congress to get big things done to get our country back on track.  However, don't hold your breath.  Obama is a smart stupid man who can't get out of his own way to be successful.  Obama is not a Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, or even Bill Clinton that were all deal makers able to work with the both political parties to make big things happen.   Obama is a divider, in the name of his Socialist ideology and not a uniter.  As a result, Obama will go down as one of our worst Presidents in American history and our nation is suffering because of it.   

Thursday, November 6, 2014

US Socialists Need to Stop The Divisive Politics

In a desperate move to win elections during every election cycle, US Socialists seek to divide our nation.  Socialists pit Rich against Poor in their Class Warfare arguments, Blacks against Whites,  Women against Men, Young Against Old, those that profess a Faith against Secularists, Gays against Straights, radical Environmentalists against Working People and Red States against Blue States.  Socialists also continue to portray business, the job creators in our country, as evil.  In some years, this divisive politics helps them win election.  In 2014, it failed; but it does not mean that they won't do it again because they have been doing it since the New Deal and Franklin Roosevelt's Presidency.  The problem is that as Abraham Lincoln once said, "a nation divided against itself cannot stand".   The United States has never been more divided since the Civil War because of Socialist divisive politics.

Socialists also play the politically correct game.  If someone does not support their left wing, radical agenda, they are portrayed as Racist or Homophobic.  The reality is that we live in a center right country where the majority of people cling to their guns, faith and family.  Sorry, Socialists; but it is what it is.  Those of us that have these values and believe in limited Constitutional government are not interested in being "transformed" into a European style, big government Socialist nation. 

Sadly, Socialists play their PEEP's every election like a fiddle.  They talk about the Republican War on Women presumably because Conservatives favor limits on abortion.  Socialists act as though Civil Right laws, that never would have been enacted without Republican votes, never happened at all and as though slavery still exists.  It really is getting old.  But more important, it is destroying our country.  We need to get back to the Melting Pot concept to create Americans with common values of right and wrong.  While people may speak many languages as this Blogger did growing up, the English language is the glue that holds us together.  US Socialists must stop dividing our country if we are ever to solve the problems that we face and defeat our enemies that are more than happy to kill Americans no matter what their color, gender, religous, or sexual orientation.   

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bill & Hillary Clinton - The Big Losers In The November Election

Republicans had a spectacular election victory, across the country of historical proportions, by running against Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, all his Socialist Schemes and Scandals and the Socialist controlled Senate.   It is obvious that the election was a clear repudiation of Obama; though Obamanista spin doctors and the left wing media are saying otherwise, which was predicable.  However, in addition to all the Socialist losers, at both the state and federal levels, Bill and Hillary Clinton lost big time, as well.  The Clinton's campaigned for many of these Socialist losers expending their political capital.  Obviously, it did not help put any Socialists over the top.  As such, the Clinton's star quality is now tarnished.

Suddenly, though Hillary Clinton may end up as the Socialist nominee for President, this 69 year old Washington insider, is not looking so invincible.  In fact, Bill and Hillary are starting to look like old news. Assuming the Republicans in Congress do a good job in the next two years by enacting Common Sense Conservative legislation, even if vetoed by Obama, they could pave the way for a Conservative new face to run for President, making Hillary look like an old woman with the same old Socialist failed ideas. 

This Blogger is a big supporter of Ohio Governor John Kasich, who won reelection with a resounding victory.  Kasich is a blue collar Republican who plays well in the Mid West and will play well in the rest of the country.  Though Kasich has significant Washington experience, serving as a Congressman years ago and Chairman of the Budget Committee during the Reagan Presidency, he is years removed from Washington.  Most important Kasich, the son of a mail man, has done a great job as the Governor of Ohio.  Pairing Kasich with either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would create a dream team.  No Republican has won the White House in 100 years without winning Ohio.  And, we all know how important Florida is to a Republican victory.  A Kasich/Rubio ticket would please both Establishment Republicans and Conservatives, which will be essential to unifying the Republican Party. 

Kasich/Rubio could easily challenge Hillary Clinton and who ever she chooses as her Vice President running mate.  Of course, we still have to count the days we are stuck with Pinocchio Obama until January 20, 2017.  If Obama was smart, which is questionable, he would play ball with the Republicans in Congress to get some good things done, to insure his legacy, but don't count on it.  Obama is such a narcissistic Socialist ideologue that it may make it impossible for him to work with Republicans to make big things happen.  So, now we will watch Hillary Clinton distance herself from unpopular Obama.  What else can Hilly do. 

Stunning Election Repudiation of Obama & Socialists in Government

The 2014 US election was a stunning repudiation of Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and the Socialist leadership in Congress, Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada and Congresswoman Nancy Dizzy Pelosi of San Francisco.  The American people said NO to all of Obama's Socialist Schemes intended to transform our country.  They also determined that it was time to get rid of Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid, who has been a road block to any common sense legislation to benefit the American people.   Don't be surprised if the long knives don't emerge to remove Reid, now as the Minority Leader because in addition to Obama, Reid cost Socialists the election and the Senate. 

Contrary to what the left wing lame stream media would have us believe, once and for all, the United States is a center right country.  The majority of our people support free market capitalism, limited government, lower taxes, less regulations, our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, energy independence, securing our border and the right to life.   Yes, we cling to our guns, faith and our families and we said so by turning out Socialists throughout the country. 

In addition to Republicans gaining 14 or more House seats and probably 7 - 9 Senate seats, when the dust settles and the majority in the Senate, 4 additional Republican Governors were elected in Arkansas and in blue states like Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts.  To be clear, this election was all about President Obama.  Obama said so himself when he said that though he was not on the ballot, his Socialist Schemes were on the ballot.  Republicans should be careful not to interpret their wins any other way.  This was not necessarily a vote for Republicans; though they had some really good candidates running in this cycle.  This was a vote against Obama, Reid, Pelosi, their Socialist Schemes and all the Obama Scandals.   The American people also recognized Obama's incompetence and his inability to actually do the job. 

Now, the Republicans need to make big things happen.  They should enact common sense legislation related to tax and immigration reform, including securing our border, repealing and replacing ObamaCare, controlling the IRS, NRA, EPA and Justice Department and energy independence.  Republicans should do what is right and send the bills on to Obama to sign or veto.  It will be Obama heading the Socialist Party of NO when he vetoes these bills that are in the interest of the American people.   If Republicans don't use their majority to make big things happen, their victory will be short lived.   Now on to 2016 and electing a Conservative President to get our country back on track.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Federal Government - Republican Party Report Card

Though this Blogger is a registered Republican, so that I can vote in the Republican primaries for the most Conservative candidates, I am really a Common Sense Conservative.  While I relate to the Tea Party movement, I am not really an active member.  To say that I am disappointed in the Republican Party, like so many other Conservatives, is an understatement because even when the have held power, they have failed to accomplish much that is important to me.  Let me display all the issues that would earn the Republican Party a FAILING grade on their Report Card:

FAIL - Balancing the Federal Budget - Cutting Spending                    
FAIL - Enacting a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment        
FAIL - Paying Down the National Debt                                                  
FAIL - Enacting a Term Limits Constitutional Amendment               
FAIL - Cutting Corporate & Personal Income Taxes                            
FAIL - Eliminating Burdensome Regulations on Business                    
FAIL - Creating Economic Growth & Jobs                                            
FAIL - Eliminating Waste, Fraud, Abuse and Redundancy
             in Government                                                                               
FAIL - Elimination of Poverty after Spending Trillions                       
FAIL - Securing our Border                                                                    
FAIL - Comprehensive Immigration Reform                                        
FAIL - Promoting Energy Independence Through All Sources            
FAIL - Eliminating the Dept. of Education Waste of Money                 
FAIL - Enacting School Choice/Improving Public Education               
FAIL - Limiting Abortion                                                                          
FAIL - Dealing with Terrorism & National Security                              
FAIL - Properly Funding the Military                                                      
FAIL - Saving Social Security & Medicare                                               
FAIL - Prosecuting Government Crooks                                                  
FAIL - Challenging Obama's Unconstitutional Executive Orders         
FAIL - Providing Medical Care for VETS                                               
FAIL - Controlling the IRS, NSA, EPA & Justice Departments             
FAIL - Repeal and Replace ObamaCare                                                   
FAIL - Protecting 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment Rights                           
FAIL - Ending Government Collective Bargaining                                  
FAIL - Dealing with the Media/Communication Skills                            

Of course, to be fair, the Socialists would receive a grade of FAIL on all of these issues as well; but that would be expected because they are the primary reason we face so many problems today in our country.  However, Establishment Republicans have never had the guts to deal with all the things listed, which is why so many Conservatives oppose Establishment Republicans.  Those Republicans that have been in office for years, or even decades, having been feeding at the trough, the same as their Socialist comrades.  These Republicans have participated in advancing the 100 years of Socialism that is bankrupting our country. 

If the Republicans take complete control of Congress on November 4th, my expectation is that they must deal with some or all of the issues listed to remain viable.  I am well aware that the Socialists in Congress and the President will oppose any Common Sense legislation; but at least it will demonstrate that Republicans can get things done.  If Republicans don't tackle these issues, the Republican Party will be no more.  The clock is ticking for Republicans with the Conservative base of the party.   We are tired of excuses and waiting for results.   If Republicans don't get the job done, THEY SHOULD BE FIRED.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Beggars In America

It is not uncommon to see people, holding up signs, begging for money on our streets and in store parking lots in America.  I am sympathetic to the poor and we do contribute to charities to help the poor; but I just don't quite understand why there are beggars on our streets.  It is true that as a result of failed Obamanomics, we have the highest poverty rate in three decades.  And, Middle Class families are earning 8% than when George W Bush was President. 

However, billions of dollars are spent each year to support 46 million Americans on Food Stamps, Welfare and Medicaid, up 20 million since Obama was elected.   There are about 10 million Americans, many fraudulently, collecting Disability Benefits, up 2 million since Obama was elected.  All poor children in Title I inner city schools get free lunch and breakfast.  There are programs that provide subsided housing and utilities for the poor.  Poor kids that make it to college usually get free tuition.  Poor people and many others fraudulently have been given free cell phones at tax payer expense.  The lower income, working poor, pay no income taxes and get the Earned Income Tax Credit, which provides a tax refund for families of $4,000, or more, from the federal government.  In addition, there are Food Banks in most cities across the country that provide free meals.  

So while being poor stinks, no one in America, that takes advantage of these benefits, can possibly be starving with all these programs in place.  In fact, the majority of Americans, including the poor suffer from obesity.   And, though the poor may live in older, small apartments or houses, many of those have air conditioning and other amenities like dishwashers and flat screen TV's.   And, by law, all dwellings must meet various city standards like providing hot and cold water and heat.  There is no doubt that the poor in America live much better than two thirds, or more of the world's people, which is not to say that being poor is wonderful in America.  As this Blogger said, being being poor stinks, which is why we must have economic development to create jobs in America to help alleviate poverty.  Clearly, spending trillions of dollars on government programs and Socialist Schemes since 1965 has not been the solution. 

Given all the government and non government assistance that is available to help the poor, we should not be seeing beggars on our streets.   While I am sympathetic, this Blogger does not give to these people because I believe they are either con artists, mentally handicapped, or on drugs or alcohol.   Instead, in addition to the high taxes we pay to support often ineffective government programs, we give to established charities like Food Banks and those that intervene to change lives to make sure that our money is making a difference.  Most important, it is clear that government has done little to alleviate poverty and in many cases has made it worse.   Beggars on our streets are just more proof of government incompetence. 

Republicans That Vote For Bigger Government & Higher Taxes

Given Socialist President Pinocchio Obama's unpopularity and failed policies, Republicans should be winning House and Senate seats by very large margins on Tuesday, November 4.  While Republicans will maintain the House of Representative and even gain some seats and should gain control of the Senate, many of these races will be nail biters.  The reason is that many Republicans have voted for Bigger Government and Higher Taxes, both of which Conservatives, the base of the Republican Party oppose.  As such, various Republicans are viewed as the worse of two evils garnering tepid support. 

And, rather than express a clear vision in support of limited, smaller government, lower taxes, less regulations, a balanced budget, term limits, a strong national defense, energy independence, making sure that Social Security and Medicare are solvent, 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, securing our border, repealing ObamaCare, moral values and the right to life, Republicans often appear squishy on these issues, or even missing in action. 

Conservatives, as the base of the Republican Party, are not squishy on these issues.  And as such Conservatives are restless, including this Blogger, who split my ticket this year in Nevada, for the first time, to vote against RINO's and for Conservatives in the Independent American Party, which is a real danger for the Republican Party.   This Blogger will never vote for a RINO again, no matter who the Socialist alternative.  In Nevada, I can vote IAP or None of the Above for State-wide offices, which I will do going forward rather than vote for a RINO, who votes and acts just like a Socialist.

Conservatives are looking for Republicans willing to push back 100 years of Socialist Creep because it is bankrupting our country.   Republicans that voted for the Fiscal Cliff Deal that raised my taxes and or giving the Veterans Affairs Department $16.7 Billion more to build 26 more VA Hospitals, rather than privatizing medical care for VETS, allowing them to go the doctor or hospital of their choice, at government expense, was down right dumb because it rewarded failure and the crooks who cooked the books to get higher bonuses and it advanced more Socialism and bigger government. 

Republicans better get with the program if they want to be the Majority Party in America.  It can't be done without the Conservative base of the Republican Party.   We are not interested in supporting a Socialist Party Light.  Republicans that vote for Bigger Government, Higher Taxes and more Socialism are headed down a road to nowhere.  If not opposed and defeated, they will be the death of the Republican Party.