Monday, November 3, 2014

Federal Government - Republican Party Report Card

Though this Blogger is a registered Republican, so that I can vote in the Republican primaries for the most Conservative candidates, I am really a Common Sense Conservative.  While I relate to the Tea Party movement, I am not really an active member.  To say that I am disappointed in the Republican Party, like so many other Conservatives, is an understatement because even when the have held power, they have failed to accomplish much that is important to me.  Let me display all the issues that would earn the Republican Party a FAILING grade on their Report Card:

FAIL - Balancing the Federal Budget - Cutting Spending                    
FAIL - Enacting a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment        
FAIL - Paying Down the National Debt                                                  
FAIL - Enacting a Term Limits Constitutional Amendment               
FAIL - Cutting Corporate & Personal Income Taxes                            
FAIL - Eliminating Burdensome Regulations on Business                    
FAIL - Creating Economic Growth & Jobs                                            
FAIL - Eliminating Waste, Fraud, Abuse and Redundancy
             in Government                                                                               
FAIL - Elimination of Poverty after Spending Trillions                       
FAIL - Securing our Border                                                                    
FAIL - Comprehensive Immigration Reform                                        
FAIL - Promoting Energy Independence Through All Sources            
FAIL - Eliminating the Dept. of Education Waste of Money                 
FAIL - Enacting School Choice/Improving Public Education               
FAIL - Limiting Abortion                                                                          
FAIL - Dealing with Terrorism & National Security                              
FAIL - Properly Funding the Military                                                      
FAIL - Saving Social Security & Medicare                                               
FAIL - Prosecuting Government Crooks                                                  
FAIL - Challenging Obama's Unconstitutional Executive Orders         
FAIL - Providing Medical Care for VETS                                               
FAIL - Controlling the IRS, NSA, EPA & Justice Departments             
FAIL - Repeal and Replace ObamaCare                                                   
FAIL - Protecting 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment Rights                           
FAIL - Ending Government Collective Bargaining                                  
FAIL - Dealing with the Media/Communication Skills                            

Of course, to be fair, the Socialists would receive a grade of FAIL on all of these issues as well; but that would be expected because they are the primary reason we face so many problems today in our country.  However, Establishment Republicans have never had the guts to deal with all the things listed, which is why so many Conservatives oppose Establishment Republicans.  Those Republicans that have been in office for years, or even decades, having been feeding at the trough, the same as their Socialist comrades.  These Republicans have participated in advancing the 100 years of Socialism that is bankrupting our country. 

If the Republicans take complete control of Congress on November 4th, my expectation is that they must deal with some or all of the issues listed to remain viable.  I am well aware that the Socialists in Congress and the President will oppose any Common Sense legislation; but at least it will demonstrate that Republicans can get things done.  If Republicans don't tackle these issues, the Republican Party will be no more.  The clock is ticking for Republicans with the Conservative base of the party.   We are tired of excuses and waiting for results.   If Republicans don't get the job done, THEY SHOULD BE FIRED.

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