Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blacks In America - Stop Being Victims

A Grand Jury in St. Louis, composed of 12 men and woman, including both Blacks and Whites, after reviewing all the evidence and forensics, found that Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in the line of duty.  Apparently,  Michael Brown, an 18 year old, large man/kid, robbed a convenience store with his buddy just minutes before the encounter with Officer Wilson.  Wilson was aware of the robbery as he saw Brown and his buddy on the street fitting the description of the robbers.  As such, Officer Wilson had probable cause to stop both of them.  When Wilson did stop them as they were walking down the middle of the street, Brown proceeded to attack Wilson, hitting him many times, which caused bruises to Wilson's face and neck.  Most important, once out of his car, Wilson ordered Brown to stop running and get down on the ground.  Instead, evidence shows that Brown charged the police officer.  After firing several shots that did not stop Brown, Officer Wilson, fearing for his own life, fired the fatal shots that killed Michael Brown.  These are the facts that caused the Grand Jury not to issue an indictment of Officer Darren Wilson. 

Of course, Blacks on the streets of St. Louis and other cities in the US, organized by Poverty Pimps that make a living off the misery of the poor, that are protesting, rioting, looting and committing arson refuse to accept the facts because they are constantly told that they are Victims of racism and a White society that continues to oppress them.   While there may still be some racism in America, it is not the source of Black Poverty.  Until Inner City Blacks stop being Victims and take responsibility for their plight, they will continue to experience misery, poverty and deaths on their streets. 

The reality is that very few Americans of any color are shot and killed by police officers every year.  While every death is a tragedy and some may be needless, it is Black on Black crime that kills thousands of young Blacks every year.  Where is the outrage in the Black community about those murders.   Why aren't Blacks protesting in the streets and doing everything they can to get the gang  bangers off their streets that are committing these murders.  The police are in inner city communities because of  high crime rates committed by Blacks, in particular.  Blacks are often stopped by the police, while just hanging around on street corners, in an attempt to stop the murders happening in Black communities.  Ironically, if the police just abandoned the inner cities of our country, there would be even more murders caused by Black on Black crime.  Frankly, it is hard to understand why any White Man or Woman would want to be a cop in the inner city when Mob Justice seems to be the reaction from the Black community, regardless of the facts.  The phrase No Peace Without Justice should be No Peace Without Taking Personal Responsibility.   

And, the biggest crime against Blacks in our inner cities are our failed public schools.   While rich Socialists, including Emperor Pinocchio Obama, can and do send their kids to private schools because the public schools in Washington DC are terrible, inner city poor parents don't have that option.   Socialists in office, supported by Teacher Unions, oppose School Choice, which would allow poor parents the option of getting their kids out of failed public schools into better and safer private schools.  Inner city poverty will never be alleviated, no matter how much government money is spent to keep people on the dole, unless poor kids have access to a quality education.   We have to stop worrying about public school teachers and start worrying about the poor minority kids that often suffer them.

In addition, 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock into poverty.  That is nearly double the rate of White babies born out of wedlock.  Fathers are often no where to be found in inner city Black communities.  It is hard enough to raise children in a loving in tact two parent family; let alone when a single mom on Welfare attempts to do so.  Men who father these children must be held accountable and either made to support them, or if a multiple offender, put in jail.  In addition, the workings of Welfare have destroyed the Black family.

Finally, Emperor Pinocchio Obama and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder have divided our nation by their Class Warfare arguments and emphasis that portrays Blacks in America as Victims.  While Blacks are Victims of government, they are not Victims of society.  Since Obama and Holder are successful Blacks themselves, rather than perpetuating the Victim ideology, they should be telling Blacks to take personal responsibility for their communities and most important for themselves. It is time for Black leaders in America, in particular, to practice tough love, rather than acting as Poverty Pimps, feeding off the misery of the poor.   Until the truth be told concerning all the issues described above, there will be many more deaths in Black communities.  Sadly, it is what it is.            

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