Sunday, November 2, 2014

Beggars In America

It is not uncommon to see people, holding up signs, begging for money on our streets and in store parking lots in America.  I am sympathetic to the poor and we do contribute to charities to help the poor; but I just don't quite understand why there are beggars on our streets.  It is true that as a result of failed Obamanomics, we have the highest poverty rate in three decades.  And, Middle Class families are earning 8% than when George W Bush was President. 

However, billions of dollars are spent each year to support 46 million Americans on Food Stamps, Welfare and Medicaid, up 20 million since Obama was elected.   There are about 10 million Americans, many fraudulently, collecting Disability Benefits, up 2 million since Obama was elected.  All poor children in Title I inner city schools get free lunch and breakfast.  There are programs that provide subsided housing and utilities for the poor.  Poor kids that make it to college usually get free tuition.  Poor people and many others fraudulently have been given free cell phones at tax payer expense.  The lower income, working poor, pay no income taxes and get the Earned Income Tax Credit, which provides a tax refund for families of $4,000, or more, from the federal government.  In addition, there are Food Banks in most cities across the country that provide free meals.  

So while being poor stinks, no one in America, that takes advantage of these benefits, can possibly be starving with all these programs in place.  In fact, the majority of Americans, including the poor suffer from obesity.   And, though the poor may live in older, small apartments or houses, many of those have air conditioning and other amenities like dishwashers and flat screen TV's.   And, by law, all dwellings must meet various city standards like providing hot and cold water and heat.  There is no doubt that the poor in America live much better than two thirds, or more of the world's people, which is not to say that being poor is wonderful in America.  As this Blogger said, being being poor stinks, which is why we must have economic development to create jobs in America to help alleviate poverty.  Clearly, spending trillions of dollars on government programs and Socialist Schemes since 1965 has not been the solution. 

Given all the government and non government assistance that is available to help the poor, we should not be seeing beggars on our streets.   While I am sympathetic, this Blogger does not give to these people because I believe they are either con artists, mentally handicapped, or on drugs or alcohol.   Instead, in addition to the high taxes we pay to support often ineffective government programs, we give to established charities like Food Banks and those that intervene to change lives to make sure that our money is making a difference.  Most important, it is clear that government has done little to alleviate poverty and in many cases has made it worse.   Beggars on our streets are just more proof of government incompetence. 

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