Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bill & Hillary Clinton - The Big Losers In The November Election

Republicans had a spectacular election victory, across the country of historical proportions, by running against Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, all his Socialist Schemes and Scandals and the Socialist controlled Senate.   It is obvious that the election was a clear repudiation of Obama; though Obamanista spin doctors and the left wing media are saying otherwise, which was predicable.  However, in addition to all the Socialist losers, at both the state and federal levels, Bill and Hillary Clinton lost big time, as well.  The Clinton's campaigned for many of these Socialist losers expending their political capital.  Obviously, it did not help put any Socialists over the top.  As such, the Clinton's star quality is now tarnished.

Suddenly, though Hillary Clinton may end up as the Socialist nominee for President, this 69 year old Washington insider, is not looking so invincible.  In fact, Bill and Hillary are starting to look like old news. Assuming the Republicans in Congress do a good job in the next two years by enacting Common Sense Conservative legislation, even if vetoed by Obama, they could pave the way for a Conservative new face to run for President, making Hillary look like an old woman with the same old Socialist failed ideas. 

This Blogger is a big supporter of Ohio Governor John Kasich, who won reelection with a resounding victory.  Kasich is a blue collar Republican who plays well in the Mid West and will play well in the rest of the country.  Though Kasich has significant Washington experience, serving as a Congressman years ago and Chairman of the Budget Committee during the Reagan Presidency, he is years removed from Washington.  Most important Kasich, the son of a mail man, has done a great job as the Governor of Ohio.  Pairing Kasich with either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would create a dream team.  No Republican has won the White House in 100 years without winning Ohio.  And, we all know how important Florida is to a Republican victory.  A Kasich/Rubio ticket would please both Establishment Republicans and Conservatives, which will be essential to unifying the Republican Party. 

Kasich/Rubio could easily challenge Hillary Clinton and who ever she chooses as her Vice President running mate.  Of course, we still have to count the days we are stuck with Pinocchio Obama until January 20, 2017.  If Obama was smart, which is questionable, he would play ball with the Republicans in Congress to get some good things done, to insure his legacy, but don't count on it.  Obama is such a narcissistic Socialist ideologue that it may make it impossible for him to work with Republicans to make big things happen.  So, now we will watch Hillary Clinton distance herself from unpopular Obama.  What else can Hilly do. 

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