Sunday, November 2, 2014

Republicans That Vote For Bigger Government & Higher Taxes

Given Socialist President Pinocchio Obama's unpopularity and failed policies, Republicans should be winning House and Senate seats by very large margins on Tuesday, November 4.  While Republicans will maintain the House of Representative and even gain some seats and should gain control of the Senate, many of these races will be nail biters.  The reason is that many Republicans have voted for Bigger Government and Higher Taxes, both of which Conservatives, the base of the Republican Party oppose.  As such, various Republicans are viewed as the worse of two evils garnering tepid support. 

And, rather than express a clear vision in support of limited, smaller government, lower taxes, less regulations, a balanced budget, term limits, a strong national defense, energy independence, making sure that Social Security and Medicare are solvent, 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, securing our border, repealing ObamaCare, moral values and the right to life, Republicans often appear squishy on these issues, or even missing in action. 

Conservatives, as the base of the Republican Party, are not squishy on these issues.  And as such Conservatives are restless, including this Blogger, who split my ticket this year in Nevada, for the first time, to vote against RINO's and for Conservatives in the Independent American Party, which is a real danger for the Republican Party.   This Blogger will never vote for a RINO again, no matter who the Socialist alternative.  In Nevada, I can vote IAP or None of the Above for State-wide offices, which I will do going forward rather than vote for a RINO, who votes and acts just like a Socialist.

Conservatives are looking for Republicans willing to push back 100 years of Socialist Creep because it is bankrupting our country.   Republicans that voted for the Fiscal Cliff Deal that raised my taxes and or giving the Veterans Affairs Department $16.7 Billion more to build 26 more VA Hospitals, rather than privatizing medical care for VETS, allowing them to go the doctor or hospital of their choice, at government expense, was down right dumb because it rewarded failure and the crooks who cooked the books to get higher bonuses and it advanced more Socialism and bigger government. 

Republicans better get with the program if they want to be the Majority Party in America.  It can't be done without the Conservative base of the Republican Party.   We are not interested in supporting a Socialist Party Light.  Republicans that vote for Bigger Government, Higher Taxes and more Socialism are headed down a road to nowhere.  If not opposed and defeated, they will be the death of the Republican Party.    

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