Monday, November 10, 2014

Veterans Affairs - Firing Crooked Employees - Just Maybe

Secretary Robert McDonald, in charge of the Veterans Affairs Department, has announced that he may fire about 40 people at the VA and discipline as many as 1,000 others for cooking the books, committing fraud, to get higher bonuses; Maybe.  All if this needs to go before an Administrative Judge to determine if McDonald can take these actions.  Of course, as government union employees, they are entitled to appeal any disciplinary action.  You can bet, very few will actually be FIRED when the dust settles; but it all sounds good.  The reality is that many of them not only should be FIRED, they should be going to jail; but that is not likely because it would require Obamanistas at the Justice Department to prosecute them and that is not going to happen. 

More important, in the same announcement, MacDonald stated that they need to hire 28,000 more employees adding to the 315,000 that already work at the VA to provide medical care for VETS.   This is probably possible because Congress voted nearly unanimously to give the VA another $16.7 Billion to build 26 more VA hospitals around the country.  While this is great pork barrel spending, it is completely unnecessary.  The Veterans Affairs Medical System should have been sold off and privatized.  Veterans could have been given the equivalent of Medicare Advantage, an HMO at government expense and allowed to go to any doctor or hospital of their choice.  Since there are many ways for VETS to access medical services, including through an employer's insurance, if over 65 on Medicare, through ObamaCare with subsidies and if poor, through Medicaid, the VA system is just one more government overlay that is unnecessary.

Yet both Socialists and Republicans continue to throw more money at this agency that has failed Veterans so badly.  Failure is always rewarded in government with more money instead of new ideas.  This redundancy in government programs continues to add to our $18 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.  We need bold new ideas to stop the bleeding and to avoid the bankruptcy of the United States.  At the moment, those new ideas are not coming from either political party.  I guess it will not happen until we have the financial collapse of the United States, which will cause civil strife on our streets and potentially the dissolution of the United States.   Don't think it can't happen in our nation because it has happened many times in other countries throughout history. 

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