Thursday, November 6, 2014

US Socialists Need to Stop The Divisive Politics

In a desperate move to win elections during every election cycle, US Socialists seek to divide our nation.  Socialists pit Rich against Poor in their Class Warfare arguments, Blacks against Whites,  Women against Men, Young Against Old, those that profess a Faith against Secularists, Gays against Straights, radical Environmentalists against Working People and Red States against Blue States.  Socialists also continue to portray business, the job creators in our country, as evil.  In some years, this divisive politics helps them win election.  In 2014, it failed; but it does not mean that they won't do it again because they have been doing it since the New Deal and Franklin Roosevelt's Presidency.  The problem is that as Abraham Lincoln once said, "a nation divided against itself cannot stand".   The United States has never been more divided since the Civil War because of Socialist divisive politics.

Socialists also play the politically correct game.  If someone does not support their left wing, radical agenda, they are portrayed as Racist or Homophobic.  The reality is that we live in a center right country where the majority of people cling to their guns, faith and family.  Sorry, Socialists; but it is what it is.  Those of us that have these values and believe in limited Constitutional government are not interested in being "transformed" into a European style, big government Socialist nation. 

Sadly, Socialists play their PEEP's every election like a fiddle.  They talk about the Republican War on Women presumably because Conservatives favor limits on abortion.  Socialists act as though Civil Right laws, that never would have been enacted without Republican votes, never happened at all and as though slavery still exists.  It really is getting old.  But more important, it is destroying our country.  We need to get back to the Melting Pot concept to create Americans with common values of right and wrong.  While people may speak many languages as this Blogger did growing up, the English language is the glue that holds us together.  US Socialists must stop dividing our country if we are ever to solve the problems that we face and defeat our enemies that are more than happy to kill Americans no matter what their color, gender, religous, or sexual orientation.   

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