Sunday, November 30, 2014

US Is A Center Right Country - Just Look At The Numbers

Despite what we hear from the lame stream left wing media on both coasts, the United States is a solidly center right country.   Cards talk and numbers don't lie.  As of the November elections, there are now 33 Republican Governors, some in Blue States, 16 Socialist Governors and 1 Independent.  29 State Legislatures are completely controlled by Republicans.  10 State Legislatures are split.  Only 11 State Legislatures in the Bluest of Blue states are controlled by Socialists.  After the run off in Louisiana in December, there are likely to be 54 Republican Senators sitting across from 46 Socialists.  The House of Representatives will be even more firmly controlled by Republicans, as a result of gains in November at 243 Republicans, compared to 178 Socialists.  This is the largest Republican majority in decades. 

Republicans have Emperor Pinocchio Obama and all of his failed Socialist Schemes and feckless foreign policy to thank for their victories.  Clearly, unless Republicans do something with their mandate, to move the country toward more limited govenrment, lower taxes and less regulations, it will be short lived.  However, for now anyway, there can be no doubt that the majority of people in the United States are center right.   This is really about the Makers in society as opposed to the Takers.  With the exception of a few big cities in the middle of the country, populated by alot of people on the dole and union members, as soon as we look 500 miles in from the East and West coasts, we are in very Red areas of our country, particularly when viewed on a county basis.

This is the reason Socialist Senator Chuck Schumer came out and declared that ObamaCare was a grievous error.  Again, Schumer does not care that ObamaCare is a monstrosity that has negatively impacted the majority of the American people, one way or another, just that ObamaCare cost Socialists both the House of Representatives and now the US Senate.  Schumer is just recognizing that the majority of people in the United States see government as the problem and not the solution.  This fact is very tough news for most Socialists.  The reality is that Obama can fly over the entire United States and not reach friendly territory until he hits California.  It would even be tough to stop in Illinois, since Illinois now has a Republican Governor; though there is still Minnesota as a Socialist enclave.  Good thing Air Force One can fly for 12 hours, or more, before Obama needs a fuel stop.  In any case, the fact that the United States is a center right country is indisputable.      

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