Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Keystone Pipeline - Socialists Kill It For Now

Socialist Senator Mary Landrieu, running for reelection in a run off scheduled for December, risked her political life by pushing for a Congressional vote on the Keystone Pipe Line.  Her opponent, Republican Congressman Bill Kassidy made it happen in the House of Representatives, when he sponsored the same Bill.  Landrieu fell one vote short of the 60 majority needed to get it done in the Senate; even though 14 Socialists voted with all 45 Republicans in favor of Keystone.  The reality is that Socialist President Pinocchio Obama vowed to veto the bill if it passed anyway.

To be clear, building the Keystone Pipeline would have created about 44,000 American jobs.   Not building it is a job killer.  But even if the jobs were discounted, the reality is that it would have been better for the environment; not worse because as of now this oil from Canada is being transported by Warren Buffet's railroad, Burlington Northern and by truck.  So the oil is getting to the refineries on the Gulf Coast; but at much worse environmental impact in terms of carbon emissions.   However, this is all common sense; which Socialists seem to lack. 

Obama and his environmental wacko supporters apparently think that if they stop the Keystone Pipeline from being built, that this oil will not get to market.  That is ridiculous.  Further, it is not just transporting Canadian oil, this pipeline would be used to transport American oil being pumped in North Dakota and Montana.  The Keystone Pipeline is good for America.   It would assist in making the United States energy independent so that we can pull back from our involvement in the Middle East.  That makes Keystone a National Security issue.   The good news is that once Republicans get complete control of Congress in January, they may be able to enact Keystone with a Veto Proof majority.  If that happens, they can tell Obama to pound sand. 

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