Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Obama Continues To Divide Our Nation

Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his minions, especially Liar Attorney General Eric Holder and the Gestapos at the EPA and IRS continue to divide our nation by race, belief systems, gender and class.   It is purposeful and in keeping with Obama's Plan to transform our nation.   Obama and Holder are just as responsible for the riots, looting and arson happening on the streets of St. Louis as the rioters themselves.  This is the case because Obama and Holder keep telling Blacks in America that they are Victims of racism and a White Society that oppresses them.  Forget about the truth and all the problems in the Black Community that are self imposed because we all know that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their "enemies" and history teachers us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  

And, there should be no doubt that this is about Socialists staying in power by keeping their PEEP's subjugated by creating a perceived enemy; in this case the police in America that are patrolling communities where Black on Black crime is resulting in the deaths of thousands of young Black men and others every year.  Obama and Holder do not care if their words and deeds result in riots on our streets.  It is part of the Obama and Saul Alinsky, Communist Scheme to transform our nation by taking from those who work and are productive and giving to those on the dole, in one form or another.   After all, as one of many examples, ObamaCare is not about health care.   It is nothing more than another Socialist Scheme to redistribute income. 

And in giving Amnesty and legal status to more than 5 million Illegal Aliens, Obama makes them eligible for all the Welfare Programs in our country.  It is estimated that it will cost the American people about $40 Billion a year once legal status allows these Illegal Aliens to access all these programs.   Most important, by using an Executive Order to grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens, Obama further divides our country, since most Americans oppose his actions.  Obama is a divider not a uniter and it is all by design.  Obama's uses discord to amass more power as a dictator to "transform" our nation into a big government Socialist country.  None of this is by accident.      

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