Monday, November 17, 2014

Obama - Regulating the Internet

All Americans should be opposed to Socialist President Pinnochio Obama's scheme to use the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) to regulate the Internet.  First of all, the word "regulate" always translates to "tax", since anything the government regulates, it usually taxes in one way or another.  Taxes are always passed on to consumers, so the American people would be paying these new taxes.   In addition, Socialists always use regulations to limit our freedoms.  In this case, our First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech would no doubt be limited in the name of hate speech because those of us who are not "politically correct" would be silenced by what will become the FCC Gestapo, just wait and see. 

This Blogger, among many would be targeted for sure, since I am very vocally opposed to all Socialist Schemes that are destroying our country.   I often refuse to use "politically correct" words.  So, I refer to Illegal Aliens, rather than Undocumented Workers; because those that enter our country illegally are Illegal Aliens.   While I support Civil Unions for Gays, I will not use the word "marriage", which should be reserved for the relationship between a man and a woman.   I call Environmental Radicals, Wackos, a word Rush Limbaugh often uses because these Radicals are so extreme that they really are Wackos with no common sense.  I speak of unrestricted abortion as infanticide because it is the killing of an innocent baby.  I support gun rights, which Socialists oppose.  Even my calling Obama Pinnochio and a LIAR, which he clearly is, could be subject to censor. 

Remember, Socialists will regulate, lie, cheat, extort, borrow, steal, tax and history teacher us ever murder to silence their critics.  Obama hates the criticism of his failed Presidency.   Obama obviously could care less about the Constitution, as Socialist continue to do everything they can to limit our Freedoms as expressed in the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments in the Bill of Rights.  The last thing we should allow is Obamanistas regulating the Internet because they would move quickly to limit our Freedoms and silence their perceived "enemies".  Let there by no doubt that this is Obama's real intention. 

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