Saturday, November 15, 2014

Obama & The Seperation of Powers

Our Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they created the Separation of Powers in the US Constitution.  They had recently fought a Revolutionary War to end the power of the King as an absolute monarch.  So, they created the three branches of government; the Legislative, the Judiciary and the Executive that were supposed to serve as Checks and Balances to prevent any one branch from usurping power, or taking dictatorial power.   Clearly, the Legislative Branch was the base of the government, as most Representative of the people, as the place where laws are enacted.  The Legislative Branch also had the Power of the Purse to deal with government spending.  The President as the Executive Branch was supposed to enforce the laws enacted by Congress, not make up new laws by Executive Order.  Nor was the President permitted to ignore laws on the books as Obama is now doing.  The Judiciary is there as the referee between the Executive and Legislative branches and presumably to interpret the laws enacted by Congress when there is controversy. 

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, who taught Constitutional Law, apparently does not understand any of this.  The Senate enacted an Immigration Reform Bill in 2014 that went no where in the House of Representatives, the People's House.  Obama now says that because Republicans in the House chose not to act on that particular bill, because it was flawed, that now he must issue an Executive Order to give Amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens.  That is not how it works.  Laws are enacted by the Congress not the President.  Should the Congress choose to act, or not act, does not give the President the right to make laws anyway just because they will not give him the laws he wants. 

Shortly, Obama will issue an Unconstitutional Executive Order to give Amnesty to as many as 5 million illegal aliens.   This will cause a Constitutional Crisis and poison the well in Washington DC.   No doubt, there will be legal challenges to this action that will go all the way to the Supreme Court, which will hold these people in limbo.  Congress is likely to deny funding to the President to implement this Executive Order, which is entirely within their purview.   Even liberal legal scholars, like Jonathan Turley, who teaches at George Washington University Law School, believes the President's actions are threatening our democracy.  It does not matter whether Americans support Immigration Reform, or oppose it, we should all oppose Obama's dictatorial powers.  This Blogger has been saying for six years that Obama is a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.  We will see this very clearly in the last two years of Obama's Administration as he seeks to "transform" our nation by taking dictatorial powers.    

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