Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The New Cold War With Russia

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama apparently never took and passed International Relations 325.  Had Obama taken this Political Science course, he might have a better idea related to his role as Commander and Chief to protect the Vital Interests of the United States.   Obama does not understand the concept of "Peace Through Strength" properly advanced by most other Presidents, even some Socialists and in particular by Ronald Reagan, who ultimately brought down the Soviet Union and Communism to end the Cold War.  Today as a result of Obama's feckless foreign policy and weakness on all fronts, we face a new Cold War with Russia, except seemingly Obama does not even realize it is happening. 

Russian Quasi Dictator Vladamir Putin is intent on rebuilding the boundaries of the old Soviet Union.  Putin has called the break up of the Soviet Union the biggest tragedy in modern times.  Putin has already violated treaties taking over the Crimea and supporting Rebels in the Ukraine to take over part, or all of the Ukraine, which is his real objective.  Obama's and Europe's weak sanctions have done nothing to deter Putin.  Russia is an economic basket case.  Putin is using Nationalism to maintain his popularity because without high oil and gas prices, which are falling, Russia has nothing to sell the rest of the world except maybe vodka, Maruska dolls and outdated military equipment.

Most important, Putin has ordered their nuclear capable bombers to fly along our borders once again.  Though this is not much of a real threat, there is symbolism in the expansion of Russian power.  This has not taken place since the fall of the Soviet Union.  Obama has chosen to ignore this threat.  Instead, Obama should immediately install the missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic that he stopped during the first year of his Presidency to "reboot" the relationship with Russia without getting anything in return.  What a dummy!!    Instead, Obama is in China talking about Climate Change, negotiating a meaningless deal, that will destroy the coal industry in America.   Again, what a dummy!!   

We are now in a new Cold War with Russia and China is not exactly our friend either.  However, Obama is too naive and incompetent to even understand what is going on in the world.  Vladamir Putin is a trouble maker that must be confronted.  The way to confront Putin is not to go to war; but to put NATO troops, tanks and missiles in those countries bordering Russia to deter Putin's aggression.  All should remember that Putin was the head of the KGB, Secret Police, in the old Communist Soviet Union.  Putin is taking Russia back to the bad old days in the name of Nationalism.  The Russian people support regaining their place in the world even if it means poverty for them.  This is a road backwards and to no where; but apparently Russians prefer their old status as a world power, even if it makes them poorer, to integration with Europe and prosperity.  Go figure. 

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