Monday, December 1, 2014

Lame Stream Left Wing Media - More Lies About The Police Shooting In Missouri

The Lame Stream Left Wing Media and the Poverty Pimps they show case like Al Sharpton, who has become a millionaire living off the misery of the poor, continues to spread lies about the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in the line of duty.  Brown who was 6 foot 6 inches weighing in at about 290 pounds was a huge man/kid.  Michael Brown and his buddy robbed a convenience store just minutes before the encounter with Officer Wilson.  Once Brown did encounter Officer Wilson, Brown tried to kill the police officer by first beating him up and then attempting to grab his gun to shoot Wilson.   Wilson ordered Brown to stop; but instead Michael Brown charged Officer Wilson like a mack truck coming at him.  Rightfully fearing for his life, Officer Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown according to the book and his training.  Evidence, including the testimony of several Black Americans, along with forensics support Officer Wilson's story, which is the reason he was not indicted by the Grand Jury.  The fact is that Michael Brown was a thug from a family of thugs.  His step father, who should have been arrested for insighting a riot, was convicted twice of dealing drugs and served time in jail. 

Yet the Lame Stream Left Wing Media and various Poverty Pimps continue to say that Michael Brown was murdered in cold blood as he held his hands up in the air trying to surrender.   This is just not true.  Unfortunately, many witnesses and the facts do not support this story.  To make matters worse, feeding this lie, presumably Black members of the local NFL team, the St. Louis  Rams, went out on the field holding their hands in the air to emphasize that Michael Brown was attempting to surrender.  This is clearly baloney.  Though this Blogger is not a football fan, if I was, I would give up my season tickets. 

To some degree, Emperor Pinocchio Obama and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder are also perpetuating this big lie, since they have not come out in support of the truth to defend Officer Wilson.  Look, this Blogger is quite certain that there is racial profiling in the inner city Black communities because it is Blacks killing thousands of other Blacks every year.  Police officers of any color have a right to be suspicious of young Black men hanging around on street corners given the high crime rates in these communities.  Matter of fact, the single greatest cause of death among Black young people age 15 - 35 is Black on Black murder.  Given this statistic, it is only logical that the police would be most active in high crime areas.  And or, would Black parents, losing their kids at a rate averaging about 17 murders a day in our inner cities, as a result of Black on Black crime, want the police to stay away.  I don't think so. 

Officer Darren Wilson has resigned his job even though he acted properly in the line of duty.  
Wilson is also a victim in this process.  What does all of this say to other police officers of any color who risk their lives every day in an attempt to keep the peace and save other lives.  The Michael Brown killing is tragic; but it was not unwarranted given the facts and circumstances.  It is about time all Americans, including real leaders in the Black Community come to terms with the problems in the Black Community; Mom's having children with no Dad's in the home, failing public schools, high school drop out rates that are much higher than in other segments of the population, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment that is double White unemployment and daily violence. 

To say that government is not spending enough to alleviate poverty is absurd.  The American Taxpayer has spent trillions of dollars, since the Great Society was enacted in 1965 and the poverty rate is higher today than three decades ago.  We have to get back to the basics of faith, family and the teaching of moral values.   Right and wrong is not subject to debate.  Until the Black Community accepts responsibility for what is happening right under their noses, there will be many more tragic deaths, mostly at the hands of other Blacks in the Hood.  Sorry, but it is what it is and if saying so makes this Blogger a racist, then so be it. 

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