Monday, December 29, 2014

Obama & His Veto Pen

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama has his Veto Pen ready to stop Republicans from enacting common sense laws related to things like The Keystone Pipeline, Immigration Reform, Tax Reform, School Choice, Balancing the Federal Budget and paying off the National Debt, saving Social Security and Medicare etc. etc. etc.   In other words, even if Obama is missing in action, Republicans should be prepared to tackle these big problems to prove that they can govern.

Rather than work with the Republican Majority in Congress, it is becoming pretty clear that Obama will lead the Socialist Party of NO.  When Socialist Senator Harry Reid controlled the agenda in Washington, more than 300 bills enacted by the Republican controlled House of Representatives never saw the light of day because Reid would not allow them to come up for a vote in the Senate.  As such, Obama never had to Veto any laws because so few came to his desk when Dirty Harry Reid was in charge. 

Now, hopefully Republicans will send many of those same laws to the President's desk and let Obama squirm defying the will of the American people.  Obama clearly has not gotten the message from the last election.   Socialists were defeated all over the country resulting in a Republican Majority in Congress.  The US is a center right country.   Obama's Socialist Schemes have been soundly rejected.  It is now time for Obama to work with the Republicans in Congress to get big things done.  But, don't count on it because Obama is such a Socialist ideologue that working in the best interest of all Americans is not likely to happen.  What a lost opportunity.  It is one of the reasons Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidents in American history.

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