Saturday, December 20, 2014

Al Sharpton Shakes Down Sony Entertainment

Since some of the emails that were leaked by North Korean hackers involved racially insensitive remarks about Emperor Pinocchio Obama, Al Sharpton, the Supreme Poverty Pimp in the United States, immediately showed up at Sony's door step to demand money and appointment of Blacks in high places at Sony.  This Blogger knows nothing about Sony; but the woman who apparently made stupid comments about Obama, reported to be that Obama only likes movies with Blacks in them, is no doubt a protected class herself; a woman over 40.  And, for all we know, maybe Obama does prefer movies with Blacks in them.  Who cares anyway.

What is really stupid, aside from Sony pulling the movie attacked by the North Koreans from release, is that their senior management actually "took a meeting" as they say in Hollywood with Sharpton, as though this Race Hustler is in charge of race relations in the United States.  This is just unbelievable, since my guess is that Sony probably employs a significantly diverse workforce including Women, Gay, Blacks, Asians, Latinos etc. etc. in high paid positions.  Sony Entertainment in the United States is headquartered in Culver City about 10 miles from Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.  They are sitting in the middle of one of the most diverse cities in the world.  Even if they chose not to, which I am quite certain is not the case, it would be virtually impossible to run any big company, located where Sony is located, without employing people of all colors that reflect the community.

So dealing with Big Mouth Al Sharpton is absurd.  Sony is facing a corporate crisis as a result of the hacking of their company by North Korea.  The last thing they need is Al Sharpton on their door step implementing a Shake Down.   The management at Sony should tell Al Sharpton to go pound sand.  There are certainly Blacks in America, including many that work in the entertainment industry, better positioned to speak for Blacks in America.  Every time Al Sharpton shows up, Blacks in America take a step backward.  Being represented by Sharpton, a charlatan, who owes the federal government millions of dollars in back taxes, is sending in a clown.   And, why on earth Obama gives credence to Sharpton, by frequently inviting him to the White House, speaks mountains about Obama's lack of judgment.  Surely, many educated, responsible Blacks in business, religion and in government would be much better representatives for the Black Community than Al Sharpton, who has gotten rich off the misery of the poor. 

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