Tuesday, December 30, 2014

ObamaCare - 30 - 50 Million Uninsured Missing In America

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress, that rammed through passage of ObamaCare, without one single Republican vote told us that there were 30 - 50 million uninsured people in America.  So far this year about 4 million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare,which includes both new enrolled and others who signed up last year.   Just where are this missing 30 - 50 million people.  The poor were already eligible for Medicaid at government expense.   ObamaCare expands eligibility for Medicaid so there may be a few million more people getting Medicaid coverage. 

Even New York Socialist Senator Chuckie Schumer and retiring Iowa Socialist Senator Tom Harkins, an author of ObamaCare said that the Socialists really screwed up by impacting the 85% of Americans that already had medical insurance, either through their companies and or private purchase, presumably to help the 15% of Americans that had no medical insurance.  Of course, these Socialists don't really care that they negatively impacted the 85% of us that were already insured, except for the fact that it cost them control of the Congress. 

But again, where are these millions of Americans that supposedly were to benefit from ObamaCare.  Clearly, they are not signing up for ObamaCare, or we would see them in the numbers.   Heavy fines will be kicking in during 2015 for people that do not buy medical insurance; but the fines are still much less than the cost of medical insurance without subsidies.  Could it be that the number of uninsured were lies just like all the other lies we heard about ObamaCare; like if you like your doctor and medical plan, you can keep your doctor and medical plan. 

For the Socialists to put the entire country through this train wreck to impact so few people is a crime against the American people.  The Socialist paid the price in the last election as they lost control of both Houses of Congress; but this Blogger thinks they need to pay a higher price.  How about some jail time for the pain and suffering they have caused many people in America.   I say put them in jail and throw away the key.  I understand medical care for prisoners is free of charge; kind of like ObamaCare for those Americans getting subsidies.  

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