Thursday, December 11, 2014

Socialists Release CIA Report To Betray The United States

In an act of betrayal, Socialists in the US Senate, led by Senator Diane Feinstein, released a report saying that the CIA used torture when dealing with Terrorists.  Feinstein spent $40 million producing this anti-American report and it is just not true.  A Holder Justice Department investigation resulted in no indictments at the CIA for implementing Enhanced Interrogation, which was authorized by various government agencies and approved by President Bush.  Enhanced Interrogation included playing loud music and sleep deprivation among other tactics like water boarding and was only used a few times, 8 years ago right after 9/11, on the worst Terrorists implicated in the murder of more than 3,000 Americans at the World Trade Center massacre.

It was also Enhanced Interrogation that provided us the information we needed to eventually identify the where abouts of Usama Bin Laden.  Socialists in government, including Emperor Pinocchio Obama and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder, just don't seem to understand that we are at war with Islamic Fascists that would set off a dirty nuclear bomb in any of our big cities if they had the chance.  Releasing this report amounts to releasing classified information that will be used by these Terrorists to recruit more Terrorists and as an excuse to kill more Americans, both in the United States and overseas.  Besides in Obamanista twisted logic, it is somehow more moral to kill Terrorists and often their families using an expanded drone policy and hell fire missiles than to use Expanded Interrogation to get information out of them.  Go figure. 

Why is it that Socialists hate the United States and our way of life so much that they would betray our country.  Obama is doing everything he can to destroy our military and make us a weaker nation at the same time that Russia, China and Iran are becoming bigger threats.  Ronald Reagan's adage of Peace Through Strength is the only way to insure the peace.   Socialists in government are a clear and present danger to our people, way of life and nation.  The release of this report concerning the CIA's use of Enhanced Interrogation is treachery.   How many Americans have to die for the Socialists to see the error in their ways. 

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